PTI Sialkot Jalsa before “Ghulami Na Manzoor” March

Sialkot: This is the 6th PTI Jalsa before “Ghulami Na Manzoor” March. The Sialkot Jalsa preparation is almost completed and the chairman of PTI Imran Khan reached the Sialkot at 6:30 PM. Earlier, the imported government used the full power source operation against the PTI leadership in Sialkot. Usman Dar and many PTI workers were arrested, later Dar was released but 22 PTI workers are missing/arrested or not released by the police. Imran Khan said earlier to hold the protest in all of the cities of Pakistan tonight.

PTI sialkot jalsa Ghulami Na Manzoor


This is an experiment that the Punjab government has done in Sialkot today. They thought that the nation may be frightened by the violence but that’s not happened. This evening we all have to come outside. We have to show them that we are a proud nation and not afraid of thieves, says PTI leader Hammad Azhar. PTI Karachi will hold a peaceful protest in front of Millennium Mall this evening at 7:30 PM.

PTI Sialkot Jalsa Ghulami Na Manzoor


  1. Sialkot public has rejected the imported government
  2. You are so coward Nawaz Shareef, says Imran Khan
  3. We never stopped your rally or jalsa but today you have shown how bad a person you’re
  4. Inshallah, we will respond to every call of Chairman Imran Khan and we will not sit idly by till the imported government announces elections: Sajid Khan
  5. Along with Nawaz Sharif, Zardari was also the seller of the country’s who is the biggest disease and also the diesel Fazlu: Imran Khan
  6. Nawaz Shareef can get a role in a Hollywood movie: Imran Khan
  7. I have credible information that three stooges want to kill me: Imran Khan
  8. I have recorded a video in which I have told the names of everyone who wanted to kill me, all the names of the person who were involved in the conspiracy against Pakistan & me are mentioned in the video, and the video is in safe hands. It will come out if god forbid something happened to me: Imran Khan
  9. I tried my best to punish them all … but the powerful people who had to do justice did not consider corruption bad: Imran Khan
  10. If we do not come out as a nation and did not go against them, then this country will be destroyed: Imran Khan
  11. They will shut down petrol, transport, and internet 2 days before the long march, be prepared in advance: Imran Khan
  12. The justice system of this country only catches the weak, the strong are never caught, from Liaquat Ali Khan till today, no powerful killer has been caught in any murder, Imran Khan
  13. I want the whole nation to know who was involved in the conspiracy against me inside and outside Pakistan, I have taken everyone’s name, and all names are written on my heart, Imran Khan
  14. This is the second major movement after Tehreek-e-Pakistan, the kind of sacrifices were made to make Pakistan free, it is time to make similar sacrifices for real freedom, Imran Khan
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