‘Putting the breaks on capitalism is not a bad thing’ – Dundalk book store to close up shop on Black Friday

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A bookshop owner in Louth has decided to close his shop on Black Friday to make a statement against consumerism.

om Muckian, who owns Roe River Books in Dundalk, said the American holiday doesn’t suit small independent shops like his.

“We are closing for the day, it was something we thought about doing last year but didn’t, it’s just a sort of a reaction to what is a saturation of Black Friday,” he told the Indo Daily podcast.

“Like you can’t put on the television or open a newspaper or magazine without seeing it.”

Mr Muckian said the holiday is “more geared towards big business as opposed to small independent businesses”.

The Indo Daily: The Black Friday backlash

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He added: “So this year I’ve decided to give the staff the day off and close the shop and hopefully the world won’t stop spinning because of it.”

The bookshop owner said he has only seen a positive reaction to his decision so far, but said he will lose money by closing for the day.

“We haven’t had any negative reaction to it so far, mostly we’ve had positive responses to it, you are conscious of not letting customers down, I have said if anybody is badly stuck on the day we will sort them out,” Mr Muckian said.

“It will cost us money, the overheads keep ticking over even when you’re not open but I just thought it’s a very American idea Black Friday and it doesn’t really fit well with independent retailers.”

The Dundalk man said many small retailers feel obliged to participate in Black Friday without wanting to, and that after COP26 he made the decision to boycott the holiday.

“Hopefully, it will generate a bit of positivity and in light of COP26 the idea of occasionally putting the breaks on capitalism is not a bad thing,” he said.

“If you ask most small retailers you will find that they are reluctant to do Black Friday, but feel obliged into doing it because everybody is.

“So this is our way of saying ‘look, we’re not interested.’”

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