Rebecca Grants speaking on "Why Imran Khan was Ousted"

Rebecca Grant speaking on “Why Imran Khan was Ousted”

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United States: Rebecca Grant US National Security & Military analyst confession on FOX News “That’s Why Imran Khan was Ousted”. Rebecca said, “The US had a role to play in ousting Imran Khan through the vote of no confidence”. It’s a clear confession on their media channel in which they have accepted that Khan was ousted because of anti-U.S policies.

FOX News anchor asked Rebecca that “We (U.S) are not happy with Pakistan, They have nuclear weapons and a big army, What is the message for them?” She replied! Pakistan will have to support Ukraine, stop making deals with Russia, cut ties with China and end anti-US policies. She further confessed that that is why Imran Khan was ousted a couple of weeks ago through the vote of no confidence because he (Pakistan) didn’t listen. Now a time came that Pakistan should end Anti American policies, and cut relations with Russia.

Imran Khan asked Biden’s Administration;

By indulging in a regime change conspiracy to remove a democratically elected PM of a country of over 220 mn people to bring in a puppet PM, do you think you have lessened or increased anti-American sentiment in Pakistan?


Imran Khan further tweeted;

After this reaffirmation of US regime change conspiracy that was evident from the cipher message sent by our Envoy in Washington conveying State Dept Lu’s threat, it is surely duty of CJP to form Commission to hold public hearings on who all were involved here in this conspiracy.


Shireen Mazari tweeted by tagging DG ISPR and asking him, “Do we need more proofs of US regime change conspiracy against elected PM Imran Khan?”


Social media users are asking DG ISPR and Military Establishment that “Do you need more evidence?” It’s a clear conspiracy against Pakistan and Imran Khan, the social media users masses are tagging the Inter-Services Public Relations Twitter account.

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