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Royal Enfield Targa Sneakers Review

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Choosing a pair of riding boots come with several challenges. Their use, purpose, protection and style could vary from user to user, depending on his, or her riding style and choice of terrain. While we at carandbike are serious proponents of ATGATT (all the gear, all the time), sometimes it’s just not practically feasible to wear full riding gear, for everyday use. The hot summer months, going to the workplace, and even a social event, may not be ideal to show up in full riding gear, with adventure boots, and full-protection riding pants and heavy jacket.

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The Royal Enfield Targa sneakers are lifestyle shoes, but have some built-in heel and toe protection, for those once in a while rides within the city that you may want to use them for.

Thankfully, Royal Enfield has a range of lifestyle accessories and riding gear, designed for all occasions, and all kinds of riding. We’ve been using the Royal Enfield Targa Sneakers for a while now, and they are just perfect for short dashes around the city, and even to a casual coffee meet-up with friends, or a social get together. The Targa sneakers are made from 100 per cent leather, and are comfortable from the moment you put them on.

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These are casual shoes, but offer some built-in protection if you want to use them within the city, for short dashes on your scooter or motorcycle.


The Royal Enfield Targa Sneakers are designed like regular casual sneakers, that you can pair up with a pair of jeans, or casual trousers. Yes, you can even wear them off the bike; they are that comfortable! The design is classic ankle-length sneaker design, with a zipped up ankle cover. The colour of our sneakers is Navy, which look more like black, unless out in the sun. The sole offers good grip under all conditions, and the structure has protection on the toe and heel areas, like any motorcycling boot should have.

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The Royal Enfield Targa sneakers are comfortable to wear, straight out of the box.


These sneakers are really comfortable to wear, and hardly require any breaking-in. Straight out of the box, and in a matter of minutes, these feel comfortable, and that’s a big plus, in my book. The only downside is that every time you wear them, or take them off, the ankle needs to be unzipped to put your feet into the sneakers. Once the laces are tightened up, they feel solid, and are comfortable for all-day use, on the bike, and off the bike, and you can even walk around without much discomfort.

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The TPR sole offers decent grip, and these are shoes which can be worn all day long, on, or off the bike.

Grip & Protection

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The sole, made of thermoplastic, offers good grip, whether you’re using it purely for tarmac riding or over roads littered with sand and gravel. The toe protection feels solid enough for minor nicks and hits, but keep in mind, these are not meant to offer the protection a pair of purpose-built track boots or adventure boots will offer. Mostly, these are casual shoes which can also be worn while riding.

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Royal Enfield is offering superb deals on these pair of sneakers on the official website. They are comfortable, look decent, and offer decent protection for your feet.


The Royal Enfield Targa Sneakers are a pair of casual shoes, good to wear off the bike, and can be paired with a pair of jeans and a shirt, if that’s your style. Yes, they come with basic toe and heel protection, so they can certainly be used for short dashes in the city, and chores around town involving a motorcycle or a scooter. While we’ve been using them for short dashes, and have used them in the city, they still don’t give the confidence for longer rides, and rides involving rough terrain.

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The Royal Enfield Targa sneakers are for casual wear, but can be used for short dashes within the city on a two-wheeler. They are primarily designed as lifestyle accessories, and lack the purpose-built construction and protection actual riding boots will provide. For longer rides, track outings, and off-road experiences, we recommend full-size boots which offer far more protection, and better build quality.

While protection is still decent, the Targa Sneakers are practically a pair of casual sneakers with some built-in protection for occasional use on a motorcycle or scooter in the city. And Royal Enfield doesn’t even categorise them as riding boots! So, yes, they are casual sneakers, but with some foot protection thrown in, for those urban dashes on your motorcycle, or scooter.

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The Royal Enfield Targa sneakers offer superb value, and are being given out at throwaway prices on the Royal Enfield website right now.

And you can wear them even if you’re not using a two-wheeler. For that kind of use, they offer superb value, at ₹ 5,000 a pair. As things stand right now, Royal Enfield is offering superb deals on these as well, so head to the Royal Enfield website for some great deals, and discount offers. And while you’re at it, do check out the new Royal Enfield x TCX riding boots range.


(Photography: Prashant Chaudhary)

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