Russia deports 10 Romanian, Bulgarian diplomats

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In response to Romania’s expulsion of Russian diplomats, Russia also expelled 10 Romanian diplomats from its territory in the wake of ongoing tensions between Moscow and the West and a diplomatic war. Russia’s foreign ministry says Russia has rejected Romania’s attempts to blame it for alleged war crimes in Ukraine.

According to the news agency Reuters, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a separate statement that an employee of the Bulgarian embassy had also been expelled from the country. At the end of April last year, the Romanian Foreign Ministry announced the deportation of ten Russian diplomats from the capital, Bucharest. Romania accused the Russian diplomats of not acting in accordance with international law.

The move was prompted by outrage across the European continent over reports of mass graves being discovered in the Ukrainian city of Bocha and the killing of civilians following the withdrawal of Russian troops from the town. It should be noted that more than 300 Russian diplomats have so far been expelled from European countries in the wake of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

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