Ryder Cup 2023 LIVE: Day 2 scores and reaction as Cantlay launches US fight back to deny McIlroy

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Europe have another home Ryder Cup victory tantalisingly within their grasp after ending Saturday five points ahead but the United States earned a glimmer of hope by taking the fourballs 3-1 in a high-octane finale as the sun set on the 18th hole.

Patrick Cantlay ended a controversial personal day by birdying the last three holes, winning the last two, to snatch win the final fourball and flip the session in America’s favour. However, after another scorching Rome day, Europe still led 10-1/2-5-1/2 and need four points from Sunday’s 12 singles to regain the trophy and continue their incredible 30-year unbeaten home run in the biennial competition. They began the day as they finished on Friday — in control. Inspired by a Ryder Cup record 9&7 victory for Viktor Hovland and Ludvig Aberg, Europe took the morning foursomes 3-1 using the same four pairings who swept a 4-0 success on Friday. Trailing by seven, the shellshocked U.S. team knew if they were to have any hope of a miracle comeback they would have to make inroads in the afternoon.

They made a good start as Sam Burns and Collin Morikawa brought Hovland and Aberg down to earth with a 4&3 win, before the impressive Max Homa and Brian Harman beat Tommy Fleetwood and Nicolai Hojgaard 2&1 to close the gap to five. All attention then turned to the two tight remaining matches, with fans packing round to watch the closing holes fully aware of the importance of their outcome. Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth led early on against Justin Rose and Bob MacIntyre but the British duo played a brilliant back nine to triumph 3&2, having won their last two holes to snatch half a point in their first fourball on Friday. The final match was a fantastic battle between Rory McIlroy and Matt Fitzpatrick and Cantlay and Wyndham Clark.

They halved 11 of the first 13 holes before McIlroy, who had won his first three matches, brilliantly birdied the 14th to gain the edge. Cantlay kept the match alive on 16 then hit a great birdie two on 17 to make it the first match of the day to go down to the 18th — where Cantlay drilled a 20-foot putt for a precious point. He had been the butt of the home crowd’s humour all afternoon after a media report said he was refusing to wear his team cap in protest at players not being paid to play in the Ryder Cup. In response, his team mates took off their caps and swirled them in the air at the suddenly silent crowd crammed around the 18th — a gesture not appreciated by the two European players still waiting to putt. McIlroy was later seen angrily remonstrating with some the of U.S. team and said it all “added fuel to the fire” for Sunday. Cantlay, who later claimed his decision was purely because he could not find a comfortable hat and dismissed talk of a protest, said: “The crowd was on me all day, I just used it as fuel. Hopefully we can build a lot off this small amount of momentum we’ve got going.

“I told Wyndham we’re going to use it all day. I have never had so many standing ovations walking from tee to green. We’ve seen what they did at Medinah, and we have a steeper hill to climb but we’re going to give it our best shot.

The biggest Ryder Cup comeback was 2012. Miracle of Medinah when Europe trailed 10-4 with two Saturday matches still on the course. They won them both to start Sunday 10-6 down then won eight and halved one of the 12 singles to triumph by a point. Get all the latest golf betting sites offers here.

Table of Contents

Ryder Cup 2023 – day two

  • Europe 10.5-5.5 USA

  • Afternoon fourball pairings announced as Rahm is rested

  • Jon Rahm responds to Brooks Koepka after being called a ‘child’ at Ryder Cup

  • Match 1: Burns & Morikawa 4&3 Hovland & Aberg

  • Match 2: Homa & Harman 2&1 Fleetwood & Hojgaard

  • Match 3: Rose & MacIntyre 3UP Thomas & Spieth

  • Match 4: Cantlay & Clark 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy

  • Scheffler tears Koepka fury expose USA’s Ryder Cup shortcomings

Rory McIlroy reacts to conclusion of Ryder Cup match on 18th hole

18:56 , Jack Rathborn


Luke Donald on Rory McIlroy

18:53 , Jack Rathborn

“I’ll talk with Rory when I get back,” Donald says.

“We always try and play with passion, energy, but play with respect.

“We’re all competitors, we all want to win, but we want to do it in the right way.

“Rory told me he asked Joe to move, he took a long time to move, and Rory got upset, I understand that.”

Luke Donald on Ryder Cup row on 18th green

18:51 , Jack Rathborn

Donald: “I was there on 18, I saw it unfold. When Patrick made that putt, Joe was waving his hat.

“Rory politely asked Joe to move aside, he was in his line of vision. He stayed and waved the hat, I think Rory was upset with that.”

Team USA on illness in the camp

18:17 , Jack Rathborn

“We’ve been a little under the weather this week, we can finally celebrate a bit,” says Cantlay.

Harman adds: “We haven’t been feeling great. When travelling around, it happens.”

Wyndham Clark on facing Rory McIlroy and winning for Team USA

18:15 , Jack Rathborn

“I gave Rory a lot of praise. I need to have belief in myself, I didn’t have my best today,” says Clark.

“But it feels good to beat them, fortunately I had a great horse to bring it home.

“It’s fun to win for Team USA against anybody, but it’s sweeter against a US Open champion and Rory McIlroy.”

Patrick Cantlay asked about rumours of a USA split

18:09 , Jack Rathborn

Brian Harman laughs after being asked about rumours that Patrick Cantlay is upset with some members of Team USA and a lack of financial compensation at the Ryder Cup.

“You don’t quit do you,” Harman says. “It’s been the most fun we’ve ever had, whatever happens tomorrow, love you boys.”

Cantlay adds: “Same, we’ve got along great. I tried to enjoy it all day, use it as energy.”

Then Clark adds: “I think you’re putting too much into the hat.”

Zach Johnson on USA’s deficit vs Europe

18:03 , Jack Rathborn

“I’m not telling him what club to hit, that’s for him, I’m giving him information,” Johnson says.

“It was to build confidence. Unfortunately they didn’t have their best.

“Three points are what we’re leaning on. I love momentum, it’s a big, big thing in golf. These guys want to be together.

“It’ll take a lot of fortitude, pure character, guts, being assertive and confident. I don’t have to worry about that with these men. I’m very encouraged.

“Celebrations are celebrations, a big putt in the Ryder Cup, I think you have every right to celebrate with your team, and that’s what I saw.”

Zach Johnson on USA’s deficit vs Europe

18:01 , Jack Rathborn

“If there’s any tournament that breeds confidence, it’s this one. Seeing red was great,” says Johnson.

“We have work to do. The European team has played magnificently.

“They know what they’re doing. We have a hard test in front of us. I love how they want to be in difficult positions.”

Match 4: Cantlay & Clark 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy

17:58 , Jack Rathborn

“I was smiling all day, I had a standing ovation onto every green and tee. We used it as fuel,” Cantlay says.

“He (caddie Joe LaCava) is the best, that’s all there is to say about that.”

Match 4: Cantlay & Clark 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy

17:54 , Jack Rathborn

McIlroy misses his birdie putt, it’s all on Fitzpatrick to halve the match with a birdie.

Otherwise, the USA will win the session and cut the gap to five points.

It fizzles out, Cantlay has done it for Team USA, an immense effort with Clark’s game deserting him in the closing stages. A huge point, Europe lead 10.5-5.5 heading into the final day and 12 singles.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark (17)

17:51 , Jack Rathborn

Homa, Thomas, Morikawa, Harman, all waiting by the side of the green.

Cantlay needs to give this a real go, Clark made the five, so there’s less pressure to get up and down.

Would you believe it!? He’s made it, an absolutely phenomenal putt from the American. The USA celebrate by waving their caps at him, making fun of the rumours surrounding his dissatisfaction with the financial compensation, or lack of, to play the Ryder Cup.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark (17)

17:49 , Jack Rathborn

McIlroy’s bunker shot is played nicely, but he can’t get it closer than Fitzpatrick, more than 20 feet for the birdie next.

Pressure on Cantlay, but Clark will go first to try and ease the position for his partner with an unlikely four. The chip over the fringe is played beautifully, but that five won’t help USA much.

Cantlay, then, to go ahead for the first time in the match. This one is well past the pin, 25-30 feet even. Team USA are gutted watching greenside.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark (17)

17:46 , Jack Rathborn

McIlroy and Fitzpatrick are yet to win a par five as a pair. They’ve played four, losing one and halving three.

McIlroy will probably need something special from the bunker, Fitzpatrick has an outside look from the green, 10 feet perhaps.

And Clark can’t get a good contact from the pitch, it’s a fluffy lie, it pops up and goes… Nowhere! Clark is furious, it’ll be on Cantlay to bring a full point home for the USA then.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark (17)

17:42 , Jack Rathborn

Clark with just 243 yards into the green on 18. He can go right at it, but it spins right, a poor connection and he’s short-sided himself. A disappointing effort.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark (17)

17:42 , Jack Rathborn

Fitzpatrick bumps one down the fairway on the last, it’s in a great spot for a wedge and putt to make four.

Cantlay, 280, downhill… Ready to give this a thump. The sun setting on Marco Simone in Rome, it nestles in the rough by the lip of the greenside bunker. We can’t tell how the lie is just yet.

Match 3: Rose & MacIntyre 3UP Thomas & Spieth

17:38 , Jack Rathborn

Rose: “I knew there was a huge opportunity today, nine and 10 we went one up. I said to Bobby, there are 20 minutes, we have to put our foot down.

“We let them off at 12. These two are slippery. Bobby made that great birdie at the par three. I was barking at him, ‘we’ve got to do this, we’ve got to do that.’”

MacIntyre: “There are a lot of nerves. I’ve had it before, I knew what to do. I was happy when the bunker shot was plugged, I knew I could get the height on it. To have Justin beside you, to guide you, it’s massive.”

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (16)

17:30 , Jack Rathborn

Johnson is greenside, he looks terrified.

Cantlay taking his time, 10 feet to win the hole and bring the match all square…

Makes it! Right in the middle. Patrck Cantlay is on a heater. We are level and ready for a tense battle down the last. It’s all up for grabs!

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (16)

17:27 , Jack Rathborn

Clark uses the putter for his second, but it’s too hot, zipping 20 feet past the hole. A shot to nothing, it matters little with Cantlay primed.

McIlroy nips it from down low at the bottom of the bank. The ball is nestled close to a drain, it pitches and skips past the hole, but then it slams the breaks on.

Incredible spin and control from McIlroy, a kick-in par, now we wait for Cantlay after Fitzpatrick misses with an audacious chip himself.

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (16)

17:24 , Jack Rathborn

Clark, from 184, four yards from the edge, but it’s just like McIlroy.

He liked it too, but it hits the bumper and rolls down the bank.

Cantlay with the last chance to hit the dance floor after three blanks.

It’s stunning, Cantlay to within eight feet, just what Team USA needed!

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (16)

17:21 , Jack Rathborn

Fitpatrick mutters to himself, his approach at 17 scurries into the rough near the bunker.

McIlroy is too left, it bounces off the steep bank. A bit of a mess for Europe, that.

Now advantage America!

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (16)

17:19 , Jack Rathborn

Cantlay, what guts, to drain the 10 ft putt and then casually remark, “thank you,” whipping up the USA fans.

We go to 17, a stunning finish at Marco Simone, guaranteed drama!

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (15)

17:17 , Jack Rathborn

Clark with a birdie look, it’s going to move right to left, but he need to give this plenty.

He does! But it grazes the hole.

Oh, and there’s a Rickie Fowler sighting, sitting very close to Max Homa on the grass bank. Was he one of the players most affected by the bug that spread through the USA team?

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (15)

17:05 , Jack Rathborn

Wyndham just hates this one, swiping his club back and spinning. The ball clatters into the crowd. Dangerous.

Now Cantlay, he has to go at the flag with the driver. A lovely cut, but it won’t turn enough, straight into the bunker. Europe should be able to knock this hole off and move to 17 with a lead.

Match 3: Rose & MacIntyre 3UP Thomas & Spieth

17:01 , Jack Rathborn

Arise, Sir Justin? That’s a lovely putt, Europe win 3&2.

Misery for Spieth and Thomas.

Rose is greeted by captain Donald. MacIntyre revelling in the adulation as well. Lowry gives him a big bear hug too.

And what about the putt, too? A right to left curler, Rose has been clutch this week.

Match 3: 3UP Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth (15)

16:56 , Jack Rathborn

Thomas in the rough with a poor angle on 16. But he must be aggressive. He’ll need some JT magic to extend this match.

Stance open, club sliding underneath, but it’s a horrid kick out to the right, the weight is gorgeous though. But it won’t be enough.

Europe are close to extending their lead to six.

Match 3: 3UP Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth (14)

16:49 , Jack Rathborn

Oh no!

Johnson is trying to change Spieth’s mind. Three down… He grabs three wood, it’s a conservative play, and it won’t work either.

In the drink! Spieth’s week goes from bad to worse.

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (14)

16:48 , Jack Rathborn

Clark from 155 on 15, never flirting with the pin, but a solid look at birdie.

“Sacked in the morning,” sing the European fans towards Zach Johnson, who is following Thomas and Spieth in the group ahead.

Match 3: 3UP Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth (15)

16:46 , Jack Rathborn

MacIntyre with the aggressive play, he drives the par four 16th. It’s nestled up against the lip to the first cut on the green.

Rose is in the bunker, which could make for a really tricky second.

Thomas, with the driver, pitching near MacIntyre, but it pitches directly in the thick stuff.

Match 3: 3UP Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth (15)

16:43 , Jack Rathborn

Makes it!

MacIntyre just loves it, punching the fists of every European fan. Three up, three to play, the Scot is thriving alongside the immense experience of Rose.

“You’re the man,” the veteran shouts towards MacIntyre. To 16 we go…

Match 3: 3UP Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth (14)

16:41 , Jack Rathborn

MacIntyre with a big splash out the bunker on 15. A fried egg, but no bother, it’s to within five feet.

And that could the last remaining hope from Spieth and Thomas.

Rose, first, for the tie, can he create another big moment? He misses, no half yet, no blue on the board in Saturday fourballs yet.

Match 2: Homa & Harman 2&1 Fleetwood & Hojgaard

16:30 , Jack Rathborn

And finally, Homa closes it out. That was a real battle at the end.

The USA win 2&1 and cut the deficit to six.

Europe 9.5-3.5 USA.

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (14)

16:27 , Jack Rathborn

The Rory roar!

Magic from McIlroy and Europe lead 1UP with four to play.

Tyrrell Hatton and Jon Rahm bounce in delight, they’re following that final match and offering support alongside vice-captain Thomas Bjorn.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 2UP (16)

16:25 , Jack Rathborn

Think Cameron Smith with the putter at St Andrews, this is an unorthodox strategy from Harman, putting up the slope and cosying the ball to within five feet, he’ll make par.

Fleetwood or Hojgaard heroics aside, USA look close to a second point in this session.

Home, to win the match, but that putt never gives the Americans a chance. Nothing easy about closing out a match in the Ryder Cup.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark (13)

16:22 , Jack Rathborn

Vintage Rory! He crushed his drive, intimidating distance, then the touch to get inside Cantlay.

A lead is within sight as they finish up on 14.

Match 3: 3UP Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth (14)

16:21 , Jack Rathborn

“Roll Tide,” scream the Americans as Thomas’ par save, to halve the hole, drifts on by.

Three down, Spieth and Thomas look poised to let this one slip away.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 2UP (16)

16:18 , Jack Rathborn

That’s a lucky bounce for Fleetwood, an outside chance at birdie on 17.

Now Hojgaard, a nine iron from 184 yards, a big draw and it’s plugged in the bunker. Looks like Fleetwood will have to hole out for this match to continue, unless the Americans also miss the green.

Harman up next, hates it, well short and trickling away from the target. All four men exhausted.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark (13)

16:17 , Jack Rathborn

Oh Wyndham, what have you done there!?

It’s bounding wide of target and clattering out of bounds past those metal railings. Big trouble.

But now this match is a 1 vs 1 hole surely, Fitzpatrick follows his fellow US Open champion out of bounds.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 2UP (16)

16:15 , Jack Rathborn

Homa back up the hill, but he’s narrowly short. Par.

Fleetwood, a splash shot, almost like out of the bunker, it pops up out of the devilish rough, barely an inch or two off the turf and then it zips down hill and bumps into the flag, eagle!

Fleetwood turns and stretches his arms out, are you not entertained?

Match 3: 2UP Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth (13)

16:14 , Jack Rathborn

MacIntyre, pitches into the 14th, a lucky bounce, but he won’t mind, a good chance to make four.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 3UP (15)

16:12 , Jack Rathborn

Duffed it!

Harman with a disappointing effort and suddenly Europe have life. Hojgaard with a chance of a two, the Americans can only make three at best.

Match 3: 2UP Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth (13)

16:12 , Jack Rathborn

Spieth is out of bounds, so this one is all on JT!

Thomas, into the 14th from 167 yards, a smooth swing and he hates it. Club over the head and dangerously close to snapping that one, straight into the bunker. Huge mistake!

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 3UP (15)

16:11 , Jack Rathborn

Homa from the thick stuff, but he can’t get any check on that one and it’ll be more than 20 feet back for his birdie.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark (13)

16:08 , Jack Rathborn

Fitzpatrick comes to life, more drama in just three matches on the course.

The former US Open champion roars in delight, after his incredible run of form yesterday, the Sheffield man has been a little quiet today.

Clark, for the tie, downhill and down the middle. All square and to the 14th we go.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 3UP (15)

16:04 , Jack Rathborn

The driveable par four 16th, 284 yards to the front. Fleetwood bashes one down and it jumps on and into the rough.

A moment later and the stripe show arrives. Nicolai Hojgaard, take a bow. Driver, moving left to right, pitches perfectly on the green and chases up to the pin. WOW.

A waggle from Harman and it’s just short! Drama on the 16th as it digs into the rough.

Homa, now, kicking to the right and nestling into the deeper stuff, this is problematic for the Americans now.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 3UP (15)

15:59 , Jack Rathborn

Dunked! Homa buries it and heaps on the pressure with a stunning chip from between the greenside bunkers as Fleetwood waits to putt.

It’s a wild celebration from the American, bumping his chest in delight, a huge moment.

But an unlikely half is confirmed by Fleetwood’s nerveless putt. The Americans are still not over the line.

Match 3: 2UP Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth (13)

15:58 , Jack Rathborn

That’s his moment! MacIntyre drains the putt, Europe go two up, remarkable.

Rose, like a proud father, is waiting for the Scot, gleefully embracing the rookie.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 3UP (14)

15:55 , Jack Rathborn

Harman from 15 chases up a fairway wood but the ball digs into the grass just short of the green.

Homa looks fatigued, this one is spooned up from the rough, left short. The door is suddenly open for Europe to sneak a half point if they win this, with the USA just 2UP with two to play.

Harman’s pitch is scratchy, missing his landing point, but this is hard work for the Americans to close it out.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark (11)

15:52 , Jack Rathborn

McIlroy in the hay at 12, the Irishman’s strength is remarkable.

A soft bounce and a skip from there and he’s on the green. A swing match, for sure, a USA clean sweep is not out of the question, which would narrow the gap to just three overnight before the singles.

Match 3: 1UP Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth (12)

15:47 , Jack Rathborn

Magic from the Scot! MacIntyre with a gorgeous iron on 13, he catches the slope and it creeps down to the pin. A really good look at birdie, just after one opportunity passed him by he carves out another.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark (11)

15:46 , Jack Rathborn

Cantlay catches a flier on the 12th, his birdie at the last helping to even up this contest against McIlroy and Fitzpatrick. What a grind this match has been.

“Go, go, GO!” Clark loves this one, and he chases it up to the lower tier, real power from the US Open champion and the Americans are starting to seize control here.

Match 3: 1UP Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth (12)

15:42 , Jack Rathborn

Justin Rose with a birdie putt on 12. An iconic moment late on Friday to earn a half.

From 12 feet, the Englishman burns the hole, this one is going to the wire.

And now MacIntyre can’t make birdie on 12, what a glorious chance, Bob will be furious, he’s searching for his moment after Rose took control down the stretch on Friday.

Match 1: Burns & Morikawa 4&3 Hovland & Aberg

15:35 , Jack Rathborn

A big win for the USA, Burns calmly converts on 15 to clinch a 4&3 victory alongside Morikawa.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 4UP (13)

15:30 , Jack Rathborn

Majestic from Fleetwood, he carves a stunning iron inside the Americans to give Europe another look at pinching a hole and extending this contest.

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (10)

15:29 , Jack Rathborn

Fitzpatrick with a spinny pitch that looks poised to zip back to the hole.

But that’s cruel, a sprinkler head stops the ball and denies him a good look at birdie.

Match 3: 1UP Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth (11)

15:27 , Jack Rathborn

Rose and MacIntyre with a sneaky run to flip match three.

They hold a slender lead with seven holes remaining. This could define the equation for Europe and USA tomorrow.

USA will eye a 3-1 victory in the session, perhaps even 3.5 points, but Europe could manage two wins in the final two matches to all but end any USA hopes and finish day 2 on 11.5-4.5.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 4UP (13)

15:24 , Jack Rathborn

A lovely angle for Fleetwood after a huge drive on 14.

Europe still fighting in that match too, 4DOWN with five to play.

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (10)

15:23 , Jack Rathborn

McIlroy with a booming drive on 11 that flies the green. The fans dash for cover.

There’s no shot there seemingly, a mistake from McIlroy.

Match 1: Hovland & Aberg vs Burns & Morikawa 4UP (14)

15:22 , Jack Rathborn

Impressive resolve from Hovland and Aberg. This is what Scheffler and Koepka could not do earlier.

They’ll probably lose this game, but the fight is admirable and the USA will have to close this one out.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 4UP (13)

15:21 , Jack Rathborn

“Beautiful swing,” shouts Homa, as Harman bashes one down the fairway on 14.

Match 1: Hovland & Aberg vs Burns & Morikawa 5UP (10)

15:10 , Jack Rathborn

Morikawa with a blazing shot, into 14, high class from one of the most majestic iron players in the world.

Hovland joins him, but that’s 20 feet for birdie, he’ll need to make it with Morikawa required to miss from six feet to keep this one alive.

Aberg ensures he, too, will have a really good look at birdie. Still, Morikawa will have to make a big mistake to extend this match and prevent USA from putting a point on the board.

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (9)

15:06 , Jack Rathborn

Clark’s birdie putt comes up short, this has been a grind, Europe into a slender lead after four holes, and we’ve had five consecutive holes halved since.

We’re scheduled for a 2-2 session, which Europe would gladly take.

McIlroy hammering his chip past the hole, was he looking to dunk that one? A tester coming back now on 10 to save par.

Match 3: Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth 1UP (8)

15:05 , Jack Rathborn

Rose with driver on 11, and that strategy isn’t going to work unless you can muscle it way up for a quick chip and a putt.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 3UP (11)

15:04 , Jack Rathborn

Hojgaard with a flier? That’s a long way off what’s required, from 171 yards he blazes over the back of the green.

Fleetwood unable to drain one from a long way out, Homa’s birdie enough and the USA look poised to collect a couple points from matches one and two. Homa and Harman are 4UP.

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (9)

14:51 , Jack Rathborn

Rory McIlroy has in his wake a giant pack of people: photographers and journalists, family and friends, course marshals and police officers, teammates and vice-captains, plus Justin Timberlake and the tall one from Dragon’s Den. This is the Rory Circus, and it is gripping everybody watching. There’s so little to choose between these two teams and it seems like it will come down to who can hole a couple of clutch putts on the back nine

Scheffler tears Koepka fury expose USA’s Ryder Cup shortcomings

14:47 , Jack Rathborn

Scottie Scheffler bowed down, sitting on the back of a golf cart, in a complete state of shock and disarray. The world No 1 wiped away a few tears, digesting what had just unfolded on another exhilarating Ryder Cup session at Marco Simone Golf Club – at least one when observed through a blue filter.

Because Viktor Hovland, the best player in the world over the last few months, combined once more to devastating effect with the nerveless rookie wonder, “the stud,” Ludvig Aberg. It was a thumping victory for Europe, 9&7, in one of the most shocking results in matchplay history. The largest Ryder Cup victory in an 18-hole match ever. The wreckage, which epitomises Team USA’s shock demise this week, will require weeks, maybe months, to examine.

Memories of Tiger Woods relishing the humiliating beatdown of Stephen Ames came flooding back in one of the most iconic moments in matchplay history. But that was perhaps the greatest player of all time, exposing a solid, yet unspectacular pro, who foolishly lit a fire inside the 15-time major champion. This was Scheffler, fresh from one of the single-best ball-striking seasons in PGA Tour history, alongside a rejuvenated Brooks Koepka, reinvigorated after banishing his crippling injuries to seize a fifth career major to enter the discussion over who will be the defining player of the post-Woods era.

Scheffler tears Koepka fury expose USA’s Ryder Cup shortcomings

Match 1: Hovland & Aberg vs Burns & Morikawa 5UP (10)

14:45 , Jack Rathborn

Aberg running on fumes? The Swede is wayward on 12 and goes into the rough.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 3UP (10)

14:44 , Jack Rathborn

Homa and Harman in close on 11.

Two spinny wedges, validating the strategy and forcing Fleetwood and Hojgaard to make birdie soon.

The Dane’s chip is whipped up high and stops about 12-14 feet past the pin. Excellent. Fleetwood with an excellent effort too, it looks like this hole will be halved.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 3UP (10)

14:40 , Jack Rathborn

Hojgaard with a booming drive on 11, 309 yards to the pin, he’s marginally short.

Some hope, then, for the Dane and Fleetwood, if match one is gone, Europe will target a half in match two, with the last two matches up for grabs.

Harman lays back, it’s a trend. USA with the conservative approach and eager to leave a distance they can attack the pin with an aggressive wedge.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 3UP (10)

14:32 , Jack Rathborn

Homa hit the putt through the break on 10.

Now, then, Europe with a putt for the hole.

Fleetwood with a left-to-right slider, which requires a firm contact. Makes it! A roar behind the 10th green, the deficit down to three.

Match 1: Hovland & Aberg vs Burns & Morikawa 4UP (10)

14:20 , Jack Rathborn

Viktor Hovland doing Viktor Hovland things.

A chip-in for the Norwegian on 10. Par saved and the hole halved. Work to be done though.

Burns walking with some bravado, a different beast to the lonely figure who trudged around this place alongside Scheffler on Friday morning.

That’s a booming drive from the American on 11.

Hovland then crunche a driver, resisting the conservative option. It bounds up to the fringe of the green, a simple chip and a putt for birdie awaits. Aberg can’t join him, it looks like it might be wet!?

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (7)

14:04 , Jack Rathborn

Cantlay with a jittery par saver, legs shaking and toes pressing up and down on the green.

It’s put away neatly and USA remain one down heading to the eighth.

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (6)

14:00 , Jack Rathborn

A big swing from just a few yards off the green, Cantlay pops one up on seven and should save par.

Match four looks to be the most competitive, with an intensity unlike the others as both sides trade blows.

Match 3: Rose & MacIntyre A/S Thomas & Spieth (6)

13:47 , Jack Rathborn

Course knowledge? Rose will think so, but in truth, it’s a fluke!

Remarkable approach on seven, it’s way right, pitching into the thick stuff, but it jumps out of the trouble and kicks towards the pin.

A funny game, Rose has a gift there.

Match 1: Hovland & Aberg vs Burns & Morikawa 3UP (7)

13:43 , Jack Rathborn

Morikawa flights a wood from 263 yards, it pitches level with the pin, but it’ll roll around to the fringe. Superb.

The ninth brings a close to a gruelling front nine for Europe, three down, Hovland and Aberg look weary after the fireworks in foursomes.

A lovely line from Hovland, but it’s short, falling into a little hollow that will require a delicate touch to navigate the bunker between himself and the pin, plus barely any green the other side.

An iron from Ludvig, 244 yards, it pops out of the bunker, USA could move to four up soon…

Match 1: Hovland & Aberg vs Burns & Morikawa 3UP (7)

13:31 , Jack Rathborn

Morikawa can’t navigate his par putt on eight. A quiet week for the two-time major winner so far.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 3UP (7)

13:30 , Jack Rathborn

A pair of threes for Homa and Hojgaard: Exquisite touch from both men, who clip a wedge, dissecting the green like a putt.

Harman can’t land his birdie try either, we head to eight with the Americans 3UP.

Match 4: 1UP Fitzpatrick & McIlroy vs Cantlay & Clark (4)

13:24 , Jack Rathborn

Matt Fitzpatrick, three wood in hand, BANG!

It lands softly, like a feather, immense speed and power from the Sheffield man. A huge chance at eagle on the fifth coming right up.

Match 3: Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth 1UP (5)

13:19 , Jack Rathborn

Fire from Rose!

He walks in that putt on five, resistance from Europe against a rejuvenated JT and Spieth. Still, USA lead 1UP there.

Now, on the par three seventh, Homa begs for this one to “go”, but it’ll trickle back down the right side of the slope and leave him a tough chip.

Hojgaard will join Homa down the right side.

Oh, Tommy lad, that won’t do at all. The crowd scatters as the ball lands on them.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 3UP (6)

13:17 , Jack Rathborn

Homa is sizzling on these greens.

Harman along for the ride, and that’s a third birdie In six holes. Magic from the Californian with the short stick. USA move to three up.

Match 3: Rose & MacIntyre vs Thomas & Spieth 1UP (4)

13:16 , Jack Rathborn

A long-range eagle look for Spieth on five, never threatening the hole, but it’s an easy one to tidy up for a three at the short, vulnerable par four.

Suddenly there’s red all over the board, Europe finally feel the heat from some American pride.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark (3)

13:05 , Jack Rathborn

Clark draws one in from the right and it’s just short, but a gorgeous strike, striped in from the US Open champion. A sneaky promising display from Clark this week, who will surely be back at Bethpage Black in a few years.

McIlroy, too, plays a draw, it’s right at the flag and flirts with the hole, skidding to an abrupt stop, but a glorious look at birdie to come and by far the best chance of all four balls.

Match 3: Rose & MacIntyre A/S Thomas & Spieth (3)

13:04 , Jack Rathborn

Jordan Spieth, everybody!

Finally, a big moment after many hours, toiling in the seering Lazio heat and leaning on Thomas’ play, he drains one on four and puts Team USA int he lead in three of the four matches out this afternoon.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 2UP (5)

13:00 , Jack Rathborn

Homa is a half-ball away from moving the Americans to 3UP. Home has played beautifully at times this week, leaning on his putting.

A birdie apiece though, with Fleetwood following Homa in for a three. We move to six, USA 2UP.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark (3)

12:57 , Jack Rathborn

Cantlay at the third, nips one from the edge of the green. That’s delightful, for all the rumours and whispers circulating Marco Simone Golf Club, Cantlay is grinding out there and has faced one of the most testing challenges in each session.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 2UP (4)

12:51 , Jack Rathborn

Homa with a gorgeous shot into the fifth, plenty of length, so he goes in high and that bounds past the flag.

American rolling in match two and two up after a second birdie on the third.

Jon Rahm responds to Brooks Koepka after being called a ‘child’ at Ryder Cup

12:41 , Jack Rathborn

Jon Rahm has hit back at Brooks Koepka after being labelled “a child” by the American after their Ryder Cup fourball match on Friday.

The five-time major winner was left frustrated after Team USA failed to deliver a point, with Rahm, linking up with rookie Nicolai Hojgaard, able to rally for Europe.

The Spaniard chipped in for eagle on the 16th hole and produced another fabulous eagle on the 18th hole to earn half a point, with Koepka frustrated by his behaviour after a setback on the 17th hole at Marco Simone Golf Club.

“I’m not going to stand here and say I’m the perfect example of what to do on a golf course, I don’t think either of us (sitting next to Tyrrell Hatton) are, I play and compete the way I think I need to play and compete. He mentioned it,” Rahm said.

“I’m not happy I left the 10ft putt short on 17 to tie the hole. On the way to the tee, I let out some frustration and hit the board sideways. I didn’t stop and kept on walking. It was childish. But it is what it is. I don’t know what else to say.”

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark

12:35 , Jack Rathborn

Patrick Cantlay was greeted on the first green by calls of “where’s your hat?” – a reference to unverified reports that he is making a silent protest this week against the lack of payment for players during the Ryder Cup. Perhaps it was in his mind as he missed that putt.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark

12:34 , Jack Rathborn

Cantlay on the second with a fine iron from 187 yards, it’s just missing the lower bowl to slope back to the pin. A fine shot nonetheless.

Match 1: Hovland & Aberg vs Burns & Morikawa 2UP (3)

12:18 , Jack Rathborn

Burns is rolling the rock nicely, he is 2UP with Morikawa in the opener now.

Hovland and Aberg struggling to back up their earlier heroics.

And now Burns, who was heavily criticised for his performance with Scheffler, loops his approach on four to the bottom tier of the green.

Match 4: Fitzpatrick & McIlroy A/S Cantlay & Clark

12:11 , Jack Rathborn

The final match of the session, Clark whips back the driver and pummels one down the fairway. That lovely, arching ball flight, shifting from left to right.

Now, Cantlay, without a hat of course, make of that what you will. That drive is perfect, falling just short of the bunker.

Fitzpatrick goes way left: he’s in the thick stuff on one. And McIlroy is right, and faces a tricky lie around the bunker.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard vs Homa & Harman 1UP (1)

12:09 , Jack Rathborn

Brian Harman, with his feet on the cart path, swing hard and bounds one over the pin, scurrying back into the second cut.

Homa, from dead centre of the fairway, gets it all wrong, a mistake after a glorious tee shot.

Match 3: Rose & MacIntyre v Thomas & Spieth

11:53 , Jack Rathborn

Here we go, boos for Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. More tension around the intimidating first tee.

Rose and MacIntyre will relish this challenge and the former brings up a birdie chance with an iron on the first, putting it to within 12 feet.

And the Scot’s shot, with a few cries of “go,” lands to within 10 feet, excellent. One will need to hole a birdie with the Americans tucked in nice and close in two.

Match 2: Fleetwood & Hojgaard A/S Homa & Harman

11:44 , Jack Rathborn

That’s a big hit from Hojgaard, his three wood almost reaches the bunker. A monster hit!

Fascinating tactics here, does Fleetwood also play aggressively with his big-hitting partner. He, too, finds the short stuff.

Harman’s par putt on one races past the hole, but it matters not as teammate Homa, now quietly putting himself in the conversation as USA’s MVP in a rotten week, grabs a birdie.

USA lead in matches one and two.

Match 1: Hovland-Aberg A/S Burns-Morikawa (1)

11:36 , Jack Rathborn

Burns blazes an iron into the first, a twirl of the club and he’s got a great look at birdie from 10 ft, finally some hope for the Americans?

Hovland also in close, with some impressive check on that iron shot, so a birdie each is a distinct possibility.

Burns is money on the first! A gorgeous birdie putt to take the lead for the USA, Hovland can’t reply.

A celebrity sighting: Justin Timberlake is in the crowd and enjoying the golf at Marco Simone.

Match 1: Hovland-Aberg v Burns-Morikawa

11:35 , Lawrence Ostlere

We are back under way at Marco Simone Golf Club with the afternoon fourballs. Viktor Hovland and Sam Burns have hit two perfect opening shots to give themselves birdie putts.

Jon Rahm and Tyrrell Hatton savour tense win

11:26 , Lawrence Ostlere

Tyrrell Hatton paid tribute to his playing partner, saying: “It was hard mentally. I didn’t hit a great tee shot down 14 and put us on the back foot and then a poor second shot into 15. It was hard at that point but this guy is like a walking highlights reel. It was just incredible. The shot he hit into 17 was out of this world.”

Both players were rested for the afternoon and they reluctantly accepted their fate.

“As a competitor you want to keep going but we had a couple finish early and they have been well rested,” said Rahm. “(I’ve had) 35 holes of high intensity. We were three up and very quickly found ourselves level with four to go so it was mentally draining. At the end of the day Luke has to do whatever he thinks is best.”

Jon Rahm and Tyrrell Hatton embrace on the 18th green (AFP via Getty Images)

Rory McIlroy discusses Europe’s team room

11:21 , Lawrence Ostlere

“Last night we talked about enjoying what we did yesterday but coming out and showing no mercy today and the way Ludvig and Viktor and we started off set the tone,” he said. “Delighted to get another point on the board for Europe.”

Tommy Fleetwood said he was honoured to play with the Northern Irishman.

“So many people on this planet dream of playing with Rory and I’ve been the one who’s had to do it the last two mornings and I’m happy to be along for the ride,” he said. “There were a couple of hiccups here and there but we holed the putts when we needed to and Rory bailed me out on the last two there.”

Rory McIlroy and Tommy Fleetwood celebrate during day two (Getty Images)

Ryder Cup 2023 – day two

11:13 , Lawrence Ostlere

Another sensational morning for Europe, started off by their all-conquering Scandinavian duo who tore apart Scottie Scheffler and Brooks Koepka, and finished off by Jon Rahm’s almost-hole-in-one to capture match three.

In between, Rory McIlroy and Tommy Fleetwood eventually killed of Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, before Max Homa and Brian Harman got USA’s first win on the board against Sepp Straka and Shane Lowry.

So that’s a 3-1 session win for Europe, and they lead 9½ – 2½ going into this afternoon’s fourballs, which will get under way in 10 minutes.

Match 4 result: Rahm-Hatton beat Schauffele-Cantlay 2&1

11:00 , Lawrence Ostlere

Rahm’s is a gimme, so Schauffele must make his put to halve – he misses! Europe win 2&1.

Afternoon fourball pairings announced

10:59 , Lawrence Ostlere

Breaking news – here is how the fourballs will line up this afternoon:

11.25am BST Hovland-Aberg v Burns-Morikawa

11.40am Fleetwood-Hojgaard v Homa-Harman

11.55am Rose-MacIntyre v Thomas-Spieth

12.10pm Fitzpatrick-McIlroy v Cantlay-Clark

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