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Shaan Shahid takes exclusive interview of Imran Khan

DJ Kamal Mustafa



Shaan Shahid takes exclusive interview of Imran Khan

Pakistan: Pakistani superstar, actor Shaan Shahid is taking an exclusive interview with ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan on hum news. This is the second interview of Khan on Eid in which he is sharing his life experience and telling about his future strategy.

Shaan Shahid takes exclusive interview of Imran Khan

Shaan Shahid with Imran Khan

  • The rule of law and merit is directly related to justice. When a system becomes corrupt, it becomes a mafia, PTI chairman Imran Khan
  • People have to learn from their mistakes. Life is a cycle where you learn and try to correct those in order to obtain success
  • Shaan told Imran Khan, We want to see you happy, We want to see you back, We are missing your smile
  • The Home Minister has full authority in the house, there is no one more foolish than the person who considers himself big in the house
  • My wife Bushra makes delicious food, and I have never eaten tasty food as Bushra make
  • When a person goes out on the path of Allah, he gets peace from within. I am lucky to find very good people on this path
  • I had a lot of anger when I used to play cricket. With time you learn to control it
  • The mother-father relationship has a very high status in Islam, parents themselves always think for the betterment of their children by enduring suffering
  • Adaptability is one key to success. In all phases of my life, I had to adapt myself in order to obtain success
  • When my govt was ousted India and Israel were also the happiest because they know Pakistan can be damaged because PTI is the only national party
  • The public is the decision-maker when it comes to deciding who’s credible and who’s not, and this is valid for journalists too
  • I know everyone involved in this conspiracy, US official threatening our ambassador to remove the elected Prime Minister, we will forgive


DJ Kamal Mustafa is a Music Producer, DJ, Pakistani Filmmaker, and Journalist. Has Made six Animated Films and Released 18 Music Albums for Pakistani and Bollywood Celebrities. The latest animated film on Cyber Awareness has been released by DJ Kamal Mustafa, a project for NR3C.GOV.PK (National Response Center For Cyber Crime) FIA Cyber Crime Wing. I have been featured in The News, Geo News, Dunya News, Gulf News, Global Village Space, and in many newspapers and news blogs. I am writing for Pakistan Today, Times of India, Capital TV, Daily Times, and other news outlets.

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