Shab e Qadr The Night Of Forgiveness

Shab e Qadr The Night Of Forgiveness

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Pakistan: Shab e Qadr The Night Of Forgiveness Today is the 27 Ramadan in Pakistan and it will be celebrated as Shab e Dua today as well. Maulana Tariq Jamil will pray live tonight at 10:00 PM PST for Pakistan and all the Muslims. In the blessed hours of Ramadan, on the odd nights of the last decade, the hour full of bliss awaits every Muslim, as it is the wish of every fasting person, the night that every heart longs for. The one who is a believer, the reward of nature which is giving us promise moment by moment, the chapter of mercy is open, the Lord is merciful.

We were given Shab e Qadr. Just as Ramadan has superiority over other months, so its last ten days are superior and its greatness and superiority are due to the fact that Laylat-ul-Qadr is a night full of dignity and goodness and blessings. This is the night in which the last constitution of God and the manifesto of human welfare for the guidance of human life was revealed from the Holy Qur’an to the heavens and the earth at once.

Not to be outdone in this night’s virtue was the fact that in order to describe its virtue, a complete Surah Al-Qadr was revealed in the Holy Qur’an in which the Lord of Glory Himself openly described its greatness, majesty, and greatness. The implication is, do you know what Shab Qadr is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. Gabriel and the angels descend into it by the command of the Lord for every work, this night is peace till dawn.

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