Shahbaz Sharif government failed to end load shedding

Shahbaz Sharif government failed to end load shedding

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Pakistan: Since the government of Shahbaz Sharif came into power, the load shedding has started massive unannounced once again in the past 2 months. Unannounced load shedding continues across the country despite an abundant power supply. Claiming to end load shedding, the government seems to be failing to end unannounced load shedding while the people are not getting it despite having abundant power. CEOs of power distribution companies are giving wrong data to the Ministry of Energy, load shedding is being carried out for 12 hours in rural and urban areas.

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According to sources in the power division, the shortfall of electricity in the country is 5,018 MW while the total power generation is 19,982 MW. Sources in the Power Division said that the total demand for electricity in the country is 25,000 MW of which 5,262 MW is being generated from water while government thermal plants are generating 1,317 MW. The total production of private sector power plants is 9,963 MW, wind power plants are providing 1,011 MW while production from solar plants is zero.


The government has also dropped the petrol bomb on the people of Pakistan by increasing petroleum prices up to rupees 30.

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