Shukri Abdi #JusticeforShukriAbdi

Shukri Abdi 12 years Somali Refugee girl waiting for Justice

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Shukri Abdi Story: Somali Refugee Shukri Abdi was a 12 years old schoolgirl died last year and still waiting for the Justice, People are raising voice for Shukri on social media with hashtag #JusticeforShukriAbdi.

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On June 7, 2020, a hashtag was trended on Twitter #JusticeForShukriAbdi where people were sharing links of signing the petition and requesting the government to give justice to a girl who was died.


Shukri Abdi Story


A Somali refugee girl Shukri Yahya Abdi was studying in school she was 12 years old she was found dead last year in June 2019, her body was recovered from the River Irwell in Bury, Lancs (United Kingdom). As a refugee, she arrived with her mothers and two siblings two years ago in the UK in January 2017 from Kenya. Shukri was studying at Broad Oak High School, A group of her school was with her before she died.

It is being reported from the media and sources that Shukri was a victim of bullying and harassment, A school friend of Shukri who was with her admitted that she was joking with shukri but what she said? “Get in the water or I’ll kill you”. that was the message of a school friend who was bullying her.

Shukri was drowned but was that a case of racism? according to the sources and people who know Shukri and the school were saying that the case is of “Racism”. She was droned by her racists classmates, she was bullying multiple times, it was reported to the School management but they took no action and that classmate (Racist) one has drowned Shukri and till as of now she is unpunished.

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