Six takeaways from Trump’s new financial disclosure

Trump paid off certain loans, but took out others

Since leaving office, Trump has paid off six outstanding loans, including ones valued at more than US$50 million on Trump Tower in New York and Trump Doral, a golf club outside Miami that has been his family company’s single-biggest revenue-generating property.

He also took out new loans, both from Axos Bank and totalling more than US$50 million each, on the Trump Tower and Doral properties.

He also paid off a loan valued at more than US$50 million on Trump Old Post Office, the Washington hotel he sold last year.

Most of the loans he had received from Deutsche Bank, which once totalled more than US$295 million, have now been paid off, leaving only about US$45 million still owed to the bank, which was once a major lender to Trump.

In total, Trump listed more than US$200 million in debts.

Trump saw new income from a deal with a Saudi-based firm

The financial disclosure shows the first payments to Trump for a new deal backed by a Saudi Arabia-based real estate investment firm to build a new golf and hotel complex in Oman. The payments so far are listed simply as worth more than US$5 million.

The project is slated to be built in Muscat, Oman, on a hillside adjacent to the Gulf of Oman, and will include a golf resort, villas and two hotels, a company executive said.

The Trump family is teaming up with Dar Al Arkan, one of Saudi Arabia’s largest real estate companies, for the project.

The government of Oman owns the land, meaning Trump is now essentially in a business deal with the government there.

Mrs Trump reports a fresh revenue stream

The former first lady incorporated one company, MKT World LLC, in 2021, using the same address as Trump International Golf Club, according to Florida Department of State records. The company reported earning royalties of between US$1 million and US$5 million.

While the company’s exact business dealings were unclear, Mrs Trump has found multiple ways to monetize her ties to Trump since leaving the White House.

In January 2022, she put up for auction a digital portrait of herself by a French artist, a print of the portrait and a white hat she once wore at the White House while meeting the president of France.

She also joined the conservative social-media site Parler, which announced a deal with Mrs Trump whose financial terms were not disclosed.

In a statement, she said she would provide the site exclusive content “to inspire others” and promote a series of future online auctions of “collectibles” like the hat she wore at the White House.

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