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Sound Off for June 10, 2024

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June 09, 2024

Truth in news?

The continuing Sound Offs about FOX and other similar news media telling lies are amazing. The challenge to those who believe that, and say do the research, need to do their own research, starting in 2015 and review all the CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. broadcasts to date and compare all those broadcasts to FOX, and other similar networks, and then tally the lies. Those major liberal networks will fail miserably. I’m not a fan of Trump and I’m definitely not a fan of Biden.

Trust the scientists

Republicans for years have sneered at what experts have predicted about global warming and its terrible consequences. Events are proving the scientists to have been right. Don’t trust Republicans who oppose a scientific consensus. The scientists are much more likely to be right.

Chugging along

While the Southern Rail Commission has a passion for bringing rail tourists to some select stops along the three-state coastline, the economics simply reflect a bad idea. The last thing anyone needs is another tax burden for taxpayers. The Commission will continue to say they have studies in hand that show great potential for jobs and revenue. AMTRAK had the same data fifty years ago during its formation. Ask AMTRAK if it has ever turned a profit in any of those fifty years. Ask the rail commission if it will guarantee the success contained in their study. So far only Mobile city leaders have asked that question. It is time for Mississippi cities to ask, don’t you think?

Religious belief

Donald Trump’s answer to the question about his relationship with God was hilarious. He responded that many evangelicals pray for him and support him. Did he not understand the question?

Measurable goals

In a speech in Iowa on June 11, 2019, presidential candidate Biden literally promised if elected he would cure cancer. Shortly after, candidate Trump said something very similar. A recent article in this paper showed cancers have literally been around since dinosaurs. There is no single cancer. Biden has declared climate change an existential threat, pouring billions into that bottomless pit. Outlandish promises and immeasurable goals aren’t what we need in America. How about we stop trying to change the climate. Repair some critical infrastructure instead. Let’s make sure Johnny can read. Maybe incentivize the trades and not just college before we lose critical skills in our youth. Where is the common sense and self-protection in a society suddenly unable to clearly define violent crime or separate perpetrator from victim? That’s pretty simple and measurable.

A good thing?

Donald Trump’s latest gaffe is indicative of his lack of intelligence. He said rising sea levels would create more beachfront properties. He might find out with his property in Miami when it sinks.

Biden’s laptop

Now that Hunter Biden’s laptop has been used as evidence in his trial, will an apology be given by liberal news outlets and others for lying to the American people?

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