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Steelers HC Mike Tomlin doesn’t care what players think of Guardian Caps

Mike Tomlin talks about his support of increased player safety.

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The NFL continues to work toward making the game as safe as possible. One thinkg the Pittsburgh Steelers are doing during training camp is wearing Guardian Caps on top of their helmets. This is a move head coach Mike Tomlin is very much in favor of and said as much on Wednesday in an interview with NFL Network.

Tomlin said he trusts the experts and if they say wearing them will reduce the risk of a concussion by 10 percent and if both guys in a collision are wearing them it lowers the chances by 20 percent, that’s good enough for him.

Tomlin was then asked what the response has been to wearing them to which Tomlin gave the most Tomlin answer he could. “Who cares?”


Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire

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