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Story of Sonya Rene an Amazon best selling author

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Sonya Rene also known as @SonyaSmokes on Instagram, is an Amazon Bestselling Author who says she anticipates delivering one more cookbook in 2022.

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How did Sonya Rene become Amazon best selling author?

Sonya was brought up in the radiant province of Florida and has 2 children. She adores the ocean side, long climbs, and nature! Sonya Rene is additionally a Bestselling Author on Amazon. Her book “Sweet 16” hit #1 on the Amazon successes list yet she is regularly being mistaken for different writers and clients with comparative names or handles.

She anticipates delivering one more cookbook in 2022 to assist with separating herself from others like Sonya Renee Taylor who is likewise a writer. The disarray makes it difficult to come by her on Instagram so we made a point to remember her authority Instagram for the delivery.

Her new book is informally reported and is supposed to be delivered at some point in 2022! We are eager to see the top-of-the-line writer discharge a book so rapidly later her #1 blockbuster on Amazon named “Sweet 16” which brought 16 fun and simple plans “to the table” for lack of a superior term.

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