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Terry Bradshaw’s critical of Dallas Cowboys, uses five-letter word description

What did the former Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback say about the current shape of the Dallas Cowboys?

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Former NFL quarterback and current TV broadcaster Terry Bradshaw didn’t sugarcoat his opinion of the state of the Dallas Cowboys during the FOX NFL Sunday pregrame show on Sunday.

He used a five-letter word: chaos.

“Total chaos there in Dallas. I don’t expect them to even see them come close to winning this game today,” Bradshaw said about Sunday’s game against Cincinnati.


“The bad thing about Dallas is that they are never satisfied. …They lose one game. The sky is falling. Everything is total chaos. It’s one game. They can turn this thing around. “

His FOX broadcast partners had similar opinions.

Michael Strahan, former NFL linebacker said he’s not a believer of this season’s team.


“They’ve done a great marketing job in Dallas making fans believe,” Strahan said., “but they haven’t won since 1996. Belief has an expiration date. It was about 2000. It’s about time to move on. I also think it will be tougher to be more optimistic with Dak out.”

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