The home of Shari Baloch parents has been traced

The home of Shari Baloch parents has been traced

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KARACHI:  In the case of the Karachi University suicide blast, the law enforcement agency traced the house of the parents of suicide bomber Shari Hayat Baloch.

According to sources, another important development has come to light in the investigation of the Karachi University suicide attack. Between Wednesday and Thursday night, a law enforcement agency raided the house of Shari Hayat Baloch’s parents in a private society located in Gulzar e Hijri Scheme 33 Karachi.


According to investigative sources, the house is said to belong to Shari Baloch’s father. Laptops, important documents, and other belongings have been seized from the house for interrogation.

Sources said that the vehicle with the official government number plate of Balochistan has been seen numerous times outside the same house. A few weeks ago, the sister of the female suicide bomber Asma was married. The suicide bomber Shari Hayat Baloch has seven siblings. The sister of the suicide bomber is also a Ph.D. doctor. Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) officials sealed the house after seizing important documents.

Earlier, a flat on the third floor of Gray Skyline apartment in Gulistan-e-Johar Block 13 of Shari Hayat Baloch alias Barmash was also sealed after a search. The flat was rented and was on the third floor, say the investigators.


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