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Ben Bitton Journey

Every year the music industry attracts many talented artists who want to be famous and successful. The vast majority want to be a well-known celebrity. The right way to gain international or national recognition is to perform in coveted places in the mainstream and gain the most attention from the public. It is certainly possible to achieve it independently.


Ben Bitton followed the same path and became one of the professional guitarists from Israel. Ben Bitton is a well-known guitar player who appeared in performances in Israel and abroad with the best successful artists in Israel on man stages worldwide. Ben Bitton hails from Caesarea, a town in Israel. Born in 1991, Ben Bitton started playing the guitar when he was 18 years old. It was just beginning, and from there, He started performing at the national and international levels. He is an all-around artist means that he does not know how to play the guitar, but he also knows how to play other instruments.

He is a player of many guitars, such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar, baglama-Turkish instrument, and bouzouki-Greek instrument. He has performed More than 20 performances at the Caesarea Amphitheater, Nokia Halls dozens of times, on the biggest stages in Israel. Ben Bitton performed on big stages at an international level, such as The Town Hall New York, Las Vegas at The Palazzo Las Vegas, Saban Theater Los Angeles, and Miami Dade County Auditorium, to name a few. Ben Bitton does traveling throughout the year for his performances in different countries.

There is a long list of Benton’s achievements. He performed with prominent and successful singers for years. He performed with Itai Levy for about ten years and more, Nasrin Kadri for about five years, Maor Edri for about four years, Moshiko Moore, and many other well-known and good singers in Israel. About a year ago, there was an extensive article in Prime Time news about the success of Itai and his band that appeared on Channel 24 with Yaron Ilan. Ben Bitton has a huge fan following around the globe. He is recognized as one of the successful players in Israel. For eight years, He worked as a musician in the office of Liam Productions. During covid-19, Ben Bitton appeared on Channel 24 in programs by Itai Levy called Party at 24 with Itai Levy for over ten episodes.


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