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These 35 Bad Parents Have Zero Excuses For The Toxic Things They’ve Said And Done To Their Children Over The Years

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35. And “Berate their kids when they have different opinions other than their own. This usually forces kids to keep their thoughts to themselves.”


“Every time my brother would have an argument with my mother (which she instigated), she would always say something along the lines of, ‘We support your ass, so your opinion doesn’t matter!’ (even if she was in the wrong). Now she wonders why he won’t call her or come visit when there isn’t a holiday.”


“My mom would always override me and then wonder why I never bothered to speak up for myself. All she did was ask me about work, and if I said I had a stressful week or mentioned something less than stellar, she’d zone in on it and tell me how stress was good for me. So, I stopped telling her much of anything about work, and then she whined that I ‘never told her anything.’

I’ve even asked a couple of my friends about it, telling them the context and my mother’s responses, to which my friends said it was best not to confide in her about super important details because she wasn’t going to make a good confidant. Sometimes I tried to bring up certain TV shows I had watched, but she didn’t watch the same stuff, so it wasn’t much of a conversation prompt — I’d even ask her if she’d seen certain shows, but she got so hung up on my word choices that the conversation turned into how I could have better phrased myself instead.”



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