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Tokyo only 14 new corona cased reported on Saturday

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Tokyo confirmed only 14 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday


Here are the latest updates from Tokyo on the coronavirus outbreak:

The Tokyo metropolitan government on Saturday confirmed 14 new cases, the number dropping to less than 100, metropolitan government officials said. the total number of cases in the capital is now 5050.

The government lifted the state of emergency for 39 districts but placed it in Tokyo and seven other provinces where the risk of infection is still considered high.


On Friday only nine cases were reported in Tokyo on its first day with single-digit cases since March 2020.


Latest Updates from Japan


Businesses reopened in various parts of Japan on Saturday, as dozens of prefectures entered their weekends after being released from an emergency due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The government announced on Thursday that it was taking the step in 39 of the country’s 47 provinces.

In the northeastern province of Miyagi, the department store Sendai Mitsukoshi reopened on Saturday after keeping all parts except the dining floor closed for about a month.

Employees wear masks throughout the store, with special cameras installed at the entrance to monitor body temperature. Disinfection is also freely available to consumers.

One woman in her 70s said she was relieved that her favorite store had reopened.


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