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Toy Show 2021 – Irish people all saying same thing as excitement builds for RTE’s Late Late Toy Show

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THE cute toy testers and talented performers have flocked from all corners of Ireland, with the youngest cub aged just four-years-old.

The Irish Sun got to meet up with some of the “excited and nervous” performers ahead of their big night.

One little singer, Orla, 14, from Drogheda, Louth, told The Irish Sun: “I’m so so excited. It’s just like a dream come true. I’ve never imagined being on it and now being on it is just magical.”

Another performer, Jaden, 12, from Monaghan, looked thrilled to perform tonight, and even gave a taster of what’s to come, as he showed off his amazing singing.

Another talented kid, Shannon from Down, said: “I’m so excited… excited [and] nervous. Ryan is so nice.”

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