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Transworld Internet Service Provider Is Pathetic & Scam Company of Pakistan

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October 15, 2022
Transworld Internet Service Provider Is Pathetic & Scam Company of Pakistan

Well, This is my story and many consumers of Transworld have also reached out to me and expressed their feelings, and their experiences of using Transworld Internet Service Provider. After all the complaints I received, I then decided to write this article. In this exclusive pitch, I will share my experience and how I terminate their service on September 30, 2022, after my fiber got cut by their team 8 days before Sept, 30th in name of doing “Underground Wiring”.


My experience with Transworld Internet Service Provider:

I got my connection on September 2021 in Karachi, Imagine being repeatedly called by a sales team to switch to Transworld. After two days of continuous calls from one of their team, I decided to switch to their service. I paid them in advance for 3 months, and after receiving the money they assured me in 5 business days my connection will be deployed. It took them 8 business days but during that time the person who took the money from me has gone offline and never picked up my call, Earlier he called me 25 times in 3 days. On Saturday my connection was deployed and service and speed were great but on Tuesday I saw a red blinking light on my modem. I called their service team and they said someone cut your fiber, I asked them who and why? This is my new connection how can someone cut my wire? They replied! we will send the team and get it sorted. In 9 hours my complaint was solved but after the next day the same fiber was cut again, I said to their team my connection was deployed on Saturday it’s not even a week and two times my fiber was damaged, who is responsible? they replied “It could be our competitor,” I asked them. Who are they? and What it has to do with me?

The Transworld technician came out to me and told me that either the PTCL team or the area cable networks cut our fiber, When I asked them do you do the same? they said if they cut our’s we cut them so simple. Anyways, after 24 hours my complaint got solved. Now I was worried about what would be the future of Transworld and what will happen if my fiber cuts again. They will take 1 day to fix the problem, what will I do now? The time went by slowly, every month they cut my fiber twice or thrice sometimes they say It is due to K Electric activity, sometimes they say it was by PTCL, then they say Greenline bus service is causing it. When I call them, they give me the same automatic response and assure me the team will reach but it almost takes from 1 day to 3 days.


How I disconnected/terminated Transworld service?

In Jan 2022 my fiber was damaged twice in a month and they blamed KElectric. The same happened in Feb and March, but in April it was one time only. May was my birthday month so again two times fiber damaged, June one time, July one time, and August 2 times as well. In August they took almost 77 hours to fix my problem. I was very tired and upset that what is happening with this shitty service. I would like to remind all of you that during that time I was reached by their executives, and customer support team personally via email and phone. They always tell me that it won’t happen again and blah blah but I made up my mind that I won’t use their service anymore if the fiber gets damaged again.

Now September 2022 came, and this was the last month when I used their service. I had launched 3 complaints in September, the last fiber of mine was damaged when Pakistan beats England in a T20 match that was played on Sunday 25th September. At around 11 o clock PM my fiber was cut from outside and that too of an individual as per the Transworld team confessed later. Upon launching the complaint I was told that in 24 hours my problem will be solved as usual it was a pathetic response. The next day at around 5:00 PM I saw their team in my area and was fixing the problem, I reached out to their technician and asked them if he was here for my complaint, and he replied with a big NO. I told him that on the same pole my fiber is also damaged since last night and it is happening every month so please fix my problem. The technician checked his complaint list and told me that my name was not on the complaint. I was angry and said you came here to fix someone’s problem on the same pole where my wire is also broken but you are refusing to fix mine, what the hell is this? He replied back that company has not told him about my complaint.

I called the Transworld helpline on the spot and told them about the incident he said your problem will be solved in 24 hours. I asked them if you were the ones who were sending reminders since morning to your team (at that time 4 reminders were sent since I launched the complaint on September 25th). I asked them again to whom you were sending reminders. They had no answers and was telling me the same automatic response “Hum takleef k liye mazraat khuwa hain hum apni teams ko abhi batatay hain and aap see who log jald raabta kar legay, aap ko ab dobara call karnay ki zarorat paish nahi ayegi”

The fiber was damaged on Sunday, no team reached out to me till Tuesday. I got a call from Transworld that the team will be dispatched in the evening, I was waiting but no one came. In just two days I rang them the 15th time and sent 5 emails with multiple reminders sent but no one came. I then decided to go to their customer hub at Clifton DHA Phase V, Karachi with my mom. I met their senior manager and staff and told them about my problem for the past 1 year and also the recent outage. He then reached out to 2 engineers that handle my area but both said we are not working there, The Transworld customer hub team was feeling bad that no engineers were entertaining them. They assured me in the evening your internet will be restored. I was waiting and nothing happened, from Sunday to Wednesday I just wasted my time with them and I was very angry with them. The next day on Thursday I went again to their same customer hub and asked them where is the team which you promised. My mom who was with me asked their manager if we came to your office after driving for approx 1 hr and you have nothing to say except the same automatic response. The manager said we didn’t know that the team was not reached yet.

He called one of the engineers and told him about my complaint, they lied that many fibers in the area were damaged. First, they said it is due to greenline bus services then they say redline bus service. The technician told the manager, and officer that we will restore Kamal’s internet but it will be disconnected again because of work by the redline bus service (Government of Sindh). I said this is not my problem it’s you who is responsible first it was KElectric, then PTCL guys, and now the redline bus service. I went home and no one fixed my internet even on Thursday. I then decided to switch to other Internet Service Providers, I called them to terminate my service on September 30th, and take your device kindly. It was Friday their team came into my area for solving someone else problem but not mine. Finally, on Saturday I moved to a new ISP after wasting a week on them, went to their customer hub twice, called 30th times plus, sent 20 emails, and multiple reminders but all was their Transworld drama.

On Monday I received multiple calls from the Islamabad Transworld office and they were like “Please give us chance we will provide you service, please find a middle way, we are sending a team now” I said I don’t need your service anymore, as I have switched to new ISP.


My Final Review:

Transworld and Stormfiber both companies run a similar mechanism if your fiber gets cut from outside it will take more than 24 hours and sometimes even a week to solve your problem. I suggest to my readers that go with other ISPs and don’t fall to Transworld’s cheap promotion packages because if your fiber gets cut you will be stuck in your work and no one will help you, not even their executives, so stay away from Transworld Internet Service Provider.

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