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Palwasha Abbasi’s Inspiring Commitment to Country and the Armed Forces

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This is an Exclusive Story, Catch her coverage in EMEA Tribune Magazine on June 5th, 2023. Thanks to Palwasha Abbasi for giving her precious time and sharing her response with me (EMEA Tribune) for the readers. Nowadays, many young people are falling into the hands of bad actors on social media platforms, inadvertently sharing provocative videos and misleading information without verifying them against the state and armed forces. However, amidst this concerning trend, there are individuals like Palwasha Abbasi who stand firmly in favor of their country and its armed forces. Palwasha has paid a heavy price for her unwavering stance, enduring the onslaught of trollers and abusers.

Palwasha Abbasi's Inspiring Commitment to Country and the Armed Forces

Palwasha Abbasi

Despite the adversity she faces, Palwasha refuses to weaken herself and remains resolute in her support for the state and armed forces. Her unwavering commitment serves as an inspiration for others to stand up for what they believe in, even in the face of opposition and criticism.

Palwasha is the former Coordinator Punjab Women’s Protection Authority from the PTI, Women Wing PTI.



Questions/Answers session with Palwasha Abbasi

Kamal: Hello Palwasha, Thanks for giving me your time, please tell me “What is your stance on the May 9th Incident”?

Palwasha: What happened on May 9th was very wrong, but what was even more wrong was the lack of strong condemnation from the party (PTI) involved. Despite the evidence, those individuals who were involved in this wrongdoing are not being held accountable by the party.


Kamal: These days, there is a lot of propaganda against the state and military happening on social media. What is your message to the youngsters who, based on the tweets of people sitting abroad, speak against these institutions?

Palwasha: The youngsters who are influenced by negative elements and speak ill of their military fail to see the reality that their institution will always remain present in the country.

Triumphing Against Trolls: Palwasha Abbasi's Inspiring Commitment to Country and the Armed Forces


Kamal: How do you deal with trolls on social media, especially Adil Raja and other PTI supporters who have suddenly started speaking against you, ranging from bashing to defaming you?

Palwasha: These trolls only make me stronger, but they neither have complete knowledge nor the background of the matter. Such people twist the teachings of their own homes and leaders. It saddens me to see their mental state and language. If they were polite individuals, this country would have progressed far ahead. I’ll also blame PTI for this. Everyone knew that Adil Raja was spreading lies against me, but no one from PTI stopped him. Some PTI leaders supported him and questioned my loyalty because I raised my voice against Adil Raja. My tweets were based on appreciating the Pakistani military. You can use workers for your benefit and not stand by them when the time comes. This shows how much value you place on the workers. It is not the workers who need the party, but the party that needs the workers.


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