Tulsa Medical Building Shooting: 4 killed, shooter dead

Tulsa Medical Building Shooting: 4 killed, shooter dead

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A person carrying a rifle and handgun killed four people on Wednesday at the Tulsa medical building. This is the latest of many deadly shootings in the United States. Tulsa Police Department Deputy Chief Eric Dalgleish confirmed the number of people killed in the shooting to be 4. The shooter was also killed, apparently, by self-inflicted gunshot wounds as reported by Dalgleish.

Democrats have responded to the recent shootings in schools by emphasizing stricter gun control laws. Republicans are still pushing for more security, as with the school in texas which had an AR-style semi-automatic rifle and killed 19 children and two teachers. There is an ideological divide in the US over how to respond to the high number of gun-related deaths. It mirrors the partisan politics that have prevented action in Congress and state capitols. The two weapons found were both fired at the scene, and officers arrived hearing shots. They followed the sound of those shots up to the second floor of the Tulsa Medical Building.

Police responded to a call about three minutes after dispatchers received the report at 4:52 pm and made contact with the gunman roughly five minutes later, at 5:01 pm. The shooter allegedly entered the school’s auditorium classroom.

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