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Twitter verification program broken again in 2021, an Exclusive story

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Twitter is also one of those social media platforms that are providing verification badges after Facebook and Instagram. Users can apply for verification inside the app. Twitter employees were reached out to me after reading this article, and they were positive for taking action if the accounts were verified wrongly. Upon investigation, 90% of accounts that were verified by Twitter were not who they actually were that mean’s they became journalist only for getting verification, which hurts those who were in the journalism field for 10 years.


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Update: November 2021: Twitter has removed the verification from many accounts mentioned in this article, and outside as per their internal investigation. Twitter has also revoked verification badges from celebrity handles from Pakistan and others. A few more handles from India lost their verification, and a few from the USA also lost the verification badge for violating Twitter policies. Twitter found multiple violations from their accounts, few were selling verification services on Twitter, they were sending DM to others to apply for verification by simply bypassing the Twitter algorithms, few were asking for personal identification and money. All were against Twitter policies, and thus the accounts were lost their badges.

Current Update: My request @MusicProducerPk of Twitter verification is denied three times. I changed my categories three times and in all categories, I am denied, I sent Twitter a Wikipedia link (I have three Wikipedia’s on my name, and film name) I sent numerous newspapers and news article links, my bylines but every time it denied that shows that Twitter verification program is broken. My friends who are working in FORBES, BBC, CNN, AFP, AP, and other media houses are denied by Twitter.


Twitter employees can read about me On Google or get all my news coverage links via my official website.


Twitter Verification Program:

twitter verification program


Twitter halted its verification program in 2017 but, this year, in May 2021, The company started the program again. TWTR has verified thousands of accounts since the program relaunched, but the company is also mistakenly verifying fake and non-eligible accounts, which The company spokesperson admitted. TWTR has not rolled out the verification form yet for my handle and others. I am also hearing from different people that the company rejected their verification request, even they are notable.


In this exclusive investigative story, I will cover some of the accounts that are non-eligible, fake, and bots that the platform has verified the accounts without investigation. If the company did not take action now, then it may cost TWTR in the future. I am writing this article to notify TWTR about their mistakes of the broken verification program, so TWTR can fix the problem before the time ends.

List of Verified non-eligible handles:

As per my investigation, The social media giant TWTR has verified more than 80 accounts from Pakistan, a few from India, and the USA that is non-eligible, having one or two bylines in local newspapers and blogs. TWTR verified few more accounts from Pakistan that were using fake names and fake documents. Hundreds of more accounts got the blue badge that are from different countries. According to the TWTR verification rules, qualifying news organizations, individual accounts of journalists employed by verified news organizations may get the blue badge. But TWTR has verified those individuals who is a journalist of non-qualifying news organizations such as blogs.


In June 2021, TWTR has verified the fake account of the Pakistan Air Force The impostor was using the Pakistan Air Force name and their official website in bio. Twitter verified this handle without investigation because if Twitter did then, the website in bio has another handle linked which is


twitter verification program twitter verification program

Twitter later unverified the handle, or the user had deactivated his account, but it was the biggest mistake that Twitter committed.


Another handle

using the picture of Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar is verified. The account is neither a public figure nor a journalist, and he doesn’t even know how to write verified even lol. Anyone can Google his name and tell me the eligibility of this person, and you won’t find anything in Google, so how is it verified?


TWTR verified the fake account of the Pakistani writer

Broken Twitter Verification Program
Broken Twitter Verification Program

After the complaint was received by the writer team, Twitter revoked his verification, and the account owner started to use his other handle Both accounts were created in 2019 and are ran by the same person.


You can not manipulate Twitter’s platform. TWTR suspends those who manipulate their platform, having two accounts for spam, abuse, coordinated behavior, and hate speeches. The account @SdqJaan2 was found to manipulate, the Twitter system by using a fake name for verification.

Current update: An impostor has deactivated his account after being reported massively to Twitter.




The account owner is using multiple accounts at the same time.


Platform Manipulation


After @SdqJaan2 suspension or deactivation, he made a third handle @alviinfo_ that is a resemblance with @alviinfo2.

After creating an account, @alviinfo_ first followed @alviinfo2



And then he admitted on two handles his account @sdqjaan2 was verified, and now suspended but he will come back.



He is admitting that his account was suspended, but he will come back.



Further Investigation:

Upon further investigation, I have found that Twitter has verified accounts of journalists that belong to non-qualified news organizations, as they are not full-time journalists but they started writing articles recently with no background in journalism later they were selling verification services, abusing, defaming others, paid trends. Upon investigation, I and Twitter have found that more than two online blogs that publish articles that are not being quoted or featured by any reputable news organization recently got their people verified. Twitter has said we are verifying qualifying news organizations and journalists who work for reputable news organizations. But in this case, It is not the same as TWTR mentioned in their blog.

Twitter has denied the verification requests of journalists who are working for BBC, Reuters, AFP, and other qualified news organizations, including public figures. Below is the list of non-qualified blogs journalist and others. I want to clarify first that I have no issue with any of the people listed in the article. I am just letting Twitter know about the difference between qualified and non-qualified news organizations.



@chZulqrnain25 The fake handle of a public figure was verified by TWTR, The public figure later issued a video saying he is not on TWTR but someone is using his name and TWTR verified him.


@Shaadee_pk (Matrimonial account with zero notability)

@dxbdubai786 (Fake PR news in Google and he is not a public figure)

@pencilpusher24 (Compromised account of a journalist, still active, and sending malicious URL in DM)

@officialpryce fake verified account that was selling badges



An account @samastipurtown is a blog that has been verified by TWTR mistakenly. According to Twitter’s rule, a qualified news organization should have provided the Wikipedia link. Samastipur Town is a city in Bihar, India. An impostor was using Samastipur Town’s name and sent the Wikipedia link of that town & TWTR thought that it’s a news organization.

Broken Twitter Verification Program
Broken Twitter Verification Program


It does not end here; I have more accounts that Twitter verified mistakenly, but I will share the data with the Twitter employees & I will also update this article as the current situation change. Twitter employees can reach me via email or via DM @MusicProducerPK


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