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Coronavirus Sindh: Two more people died from Corona total Death 37

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Coronavirus Sindh: KARACHI: Sindh Health Department has confirmed the death of two more Coronavirus patients.


According to Sources, the Sindh Health Department has said that two more people have been died from the Coronavirus in the province, after which the death toll has increased to 13 in Sindh.

The two patients were taken to the hospital on April 1, aged 60 and 82, due to deteriorating nature, one of the two patients had a heart condition and the other patient had kidney problems. According to the Health Department, one of the patients died recently from Saudi Arabia, the patient also had problems with asthma and shortness of breath.

It is thought that 22 more cases of the Coronavirus have been reported in Sindh today, after which the number of people infected with the virus has increased to 783. The Sindh Health Department said that 14 cases were reported from coronavirus in Ghotki, 6 in Karachi, and 14 from Hyderabad.

There are 707 patients treated in Sindh while 65 people have recovered from the virus. 

The National Command and Control Center, on the other hand, confirmed 37 deaths nationwide and said that 10 people infected with the virus were in critical condition. The number of coronary patients has reached 2,458 nationwide.


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