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Tyreek Hill reportedly sued by model who claims he broke her leg after she moved him in blocking drill

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February 28, 2024
ORLANDO, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 04: Tyreek Hill #10 of the Miami Dolphins and AFC looks on during the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl at Camping World Stadium on February 04, 2024 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Tyreek Hill has had numerous off-field incidents over the years. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Miami Dolphins star Tyreek Hill is facing a lawsuit from a model who claims his anger caused a blocking drill at his house to go horribly wrong.

Sophie Hall, a plus-sized influencer with more than 2 million followers on Instagram, claims she was invited to take part in an offensive line blocking drill after watching Hill train in his backyard on June 28, 2023, per a copy of the lawsuit published by the Daily Mail.

On her first defensive-line rep, Hall alleges she managed to push Hill backward, drawing laughter from a group of witnesses including Hill’s trainer, mother and sister. Hall said in 2019 she is 6-foot-1 and weighs 250 pounds, while Hill is listed by the NFL at 5-foot-10, 191 pounds.

Hall claims that Hill became “embarrassed” and “angry” after that and insisted they do the same drill in opposite positions. The second rep was apparently interrupted by a puppy and the third rep saw Hall hold her own, but on the fourth rep, Hill allegedly charged into her “violently and with great force,” leaving her in “excruciating pain.”

Hall said she was later diagnosed with a fracture in her right leg. The lawsuit contains pictures of her leg and X-rays, with what appear to be two screws installed. She includes screengrabs of Hill hitting her up via Instagram DMs after she signed her son up for his football camp, which allegedly led to the invite to his house.

Hall posted a video of herself in a wheelchair and cast last July, with the same X-rays.

From the lawsuit:

“Tyreek Hill, a National Football League superstar, perennial Pro Bowler, First Team All-Pro and world class athlete nicknamed the ‘Cheetah’ for his incredible combination of strength and speed, makes his living humiliating and outperforming his competition on the football field.”

“Unfortunately, after getting ‘humiliated’ in front of friends and family when he was knocked backwards during a friendly football lesson by his friend Sophie Hall, Tyreek became enraged and forcefully and purposefully shoved Ms. Hall, severely fracturing her leg.”

The lawsuit also makes reference to Hill’s “violent and aggressive behavior towards women.’

Those would be past incidents in which Hill was dismissed from Oklahoma State in 2014 over a domestic violence arrest, which later saw him pleading guilty to punching and choking his then-pregnant 20-year-old girlfriend.

There was also his suspension from the Kansas City Chiefs in 2019 after his fiancée recorded him saying she and their 3-year-old son should be afraid of him. He avoided criminal charges in that case.

Those are only some of the off-field incidents that have drawn headlines for Hill. Part of his home was destroyed last month by a fire, which was found to have been caused by a child playing alone with a lighter. Last year, he reached a settlement with a marina employee whom Hill allegedly slapped on the back of the head.

All of this has come while Hill continues to be one of the most productive wide receivers in the NFL. He posted a career-high 1,799 receiving yards on 119 catches and 171 targets last season, plus 13 touchdowns.

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