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Umair Awan, the Rising Pakistani Singer, Set to Release New Song ‘Lehenga’

  • Umair Awan, the Rising Pakistani Singer, is Set to Release New Song ‘Lehenga’

Umair Awan’s upcoming song Lehenga still
  • Umair’s TikTok fans are crossed to 1 million
  • Instagram followers of Umair are 102k


Umair Awan, a talented singer hailing from Islamabad, Pakistan, has gained significant recognition for his musical endeavors. With a passion for music and songwriting, Umair embarked on his musical journey at a young age and has garnered appreciation from a vast global fanbase. Despite dropping out of college to pursue his musical aspirations, Umair’s commitment to his art has remained unwavering.

Inspired by the encouragement of his friends, who praised his soothing voice, Umair decided to explore singing as a career path, which soon transformed into his true passion. Reflecting on his early days, Umair fondly recalls the motivation he received from those around him.

Umair Awan

Throughout his career, Umair Awan has released numerous chart-topping songs, including the popular tracks “TikTok Billo,” “Teri Yaadien,” “Adhoura,” and “Changi Lagi.” Among these, “TikTok Billo” stood out as a remarkable achievement, amassing over 25 million views on YouTube and solidifying Umair’s status as a rising star in the Pakistani music scene.

Umair Awan’s most recent song, “Hasdi Aa,” has broken records with over 9 million views and a million comments on YouTube. This captivating track features renowned TikTokers alongside Umair himself. His distinctive sound has also found its way into several original soundtracks, such as “Teri Yadeein” and “Adhoura.”

Umair Awan’s talent and dedication have earned him a loyal fanbase, with millions of admirers across the globe. His musical achievements continue to make waves in the industry, showcasing his prowess as a Pakistani singer and TikTok influencer.

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