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UN finally reaches liberated villages of Kherson Oblast, distributes 35,000 food kits

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35,000 food kits have already been distributed to liberated settlements in Kherson Oblast

“Our humanitarian colleagues continue to expand the response to reach people impacted by the war, including those close to the front lines and in areas that have recently shifted back to the control of the Ukrainian authorities,” UN Secretary-General spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said at a briefing on Sept. 15.

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Dujarric said that in the last couple of weeks the UN had delivered about 1,400 shelter kits and 35,000 food kits to the Ukrainian authorities. The supplies were later distributed to the families affected by the war, living in villages of Kherson Oblast.

“Each food kit has enough food for one person for one month,” Dujarric said.

According to Ukrainian authorities, the main needs of people living in these areas include shelter, food, water and specific supplies for the cold season, which has already begun in Ukraine.

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In that last two weeks Ukraine’s army has liberated five settlements – Visokopilya, Novovoznesenske, Bilohirka, Suhyi Stavok, and Myrolyubivka in Kherson Oblast, South Operative Command spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk said at a briefing on Sept 12.

“And that’s over 500 square kilometers of liberated land,” Humeniuk said.

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Invading Russian forces have been restricting humanitarian organizations’ access to the occupied territories of Ukraine.

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