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Uncle Samsik Episode 2 Recap & Spoilers: Does Song Kang-Ho Succeed in Convincing Byun Yo-Han?

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May 15, 2024

The highly awaited K-drama Uncle Samsik aired episode 2 on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at 4 p.m. KST on Disney Plus. The series, set in 1960s South Korea, follows the story of two individuals, passionate idealist Kim San (Byun Yo-Han) and Park Doo-Chil, fondly known as Uncle Samsik (Song Kang-Ho). When Kim San wants to improve the country’s financial structure and provide stability to people, he meets Uncle Samsik, who joins him in the mission.

Episode 2 of Uncle Samsik saw Uncle Samsik (Song Kang-Ho) becoming fascinated by Kim San’s ideas of making the country a center of trade to help the economy flourish. Throughout the episode, he tries convincing Kim San to collaborate with him, as they have similar passions. After Kim San discovers that the National Reconstruction Bureau is being shut down because of the focus on the upcoming elections, he devises a plan to continue his mission. Meanwhile, Uncle Samsik pledges that he has a plan in place, potentially with Kim San’s help. This indicates an unclear but uneasy alliance between the two.

Uncle Samsik Episode 2: Song Kang-Ho persuades Byun Yo-Han to a joint mission

The latest Uncle Samsik Episode 2 begins with Uncle Samsik at the Innovation Party’s speech, thoroughly fascinated by what Kim San has to say. The latter, an idealist, is an Albright Scholar who understands the sufferings of people. During his speech, Kim San convinces politicians of Joo In-Tae’s plans to create an industrialized nation where people can have three meals a day. Meanwhile, Uncle Samsik smiles, seeing his vision come to fruition.

After his speech, Uncle Samsik meets Kim San to compliment the latter on his speech. He also expresses his desire to meet Kim San soon. Later, he goes to the men he had hired to attack Yoon Pal-bong, advising them of the latter’s next move. The scene shifts to December 1959. It was the year when Kim San worked with the Ministry of Home Affairs and saw his speech making news. However, his chief informed him that the minister was transferring him to the Audit Bureau.

This is where he locks eyes with the Liberal Party’s Kang Seong-Min, who held the 5-year National Reconstruction Plan that Kim San devised. Meanwhile, Uncle Samsik’s men attack Yong Pal-Bong as per plan. While speaking to the head of the Capital Defense Unit, Kim San recalls meeting the latter on the same day he knew he was being shifted to the Audit Bureau. During the meeting, Uncle Samsik reveals that he read the reconstruction proposal that Kim San had devised.

Uncle Samsik says he has seen Kim San’s potential to become a minister or even the next president. While he wants to collaborate with Kim San, he further wants the latter to break ties with Joo-Tae’s daughter, Joo Yeo-Jin. Uncle Samsik keeps trying to convince him, even on the following day. While providing rice and essentials to Kim San’s family, Uncle Samsik warns Kim San not to side with Joo-Tae and his ideas.

Meanwhile, the scene cut to the past when the Liberal Party’s Kang Seong-Min met with Minister Choi Min-Kyu to decide their strategy ahead of the elections. Min-Kyu advised Seong-Min to amend the local government plan that would mobilize local government workers for the campaign. On the other hand, Joo In-Tae announced his candidacy publicly. When meeting Kim San, Yeo-Jin advised him not to get into politics and join her father.

Meanwhile, Uncle Samsik visits Yong Pal-Bong with an offer. He asks the latter to win the Innovation Party’s nomination and spy on Joo In-Tae. Back at the Cheongwoo Federation, Seong-Min announces that he’ll chair the election campaign committee. He informs the members that the Development Bank is providing him with a loan to invest in industrial facilities, of which 30% will be used to fund the campaign. Although the members are against it, Ahn Yo-Seop orders them to agree.

After the meeting, Seong-Min asks Uncle Samsik if he’s managed to kill Pal-Bong. However, when Uncle Samsik asks for more time, Seong-Min advises him to call Tae-Min, who will do the job instead. Previously, Tae-Min betrayed Seong-Min and was about to die when Uncle Samsik spared his life. Meanwhile, Kim San discovers they are shutting down the National Reconstruction Bureau ahead of the elections.

Kim San, however, decides not to give up on his mission. At home, Uncle Samsik speaks to Kim San, convincing the latter to join him. Kim San meets Yeo-Jin before leaving to start his mission. At the same time, Uncle Samsik promises the Cheongwoo Federation that he has a plan in place. He has devised a plan that would give Cheongwoo control of the entire country.

The episode ends with Kim San at the Capital Defense Unit in 1960. While Uncle Samsik is imprisoned, Kim San answers questions about accusations related to Uncle Samsik committing election fraud and bribing the government. Kim San pretends to be unsure of all of these accusations. Is this the result of their alliance? Only time will tell.

Watch all five newly released episodes of Uncle Samsik on Disney Plus.

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