Urban Company Hikes Prices, Cuts Commissions To Improve Partner Earnings

Urban Company Hikes Prices, Cuts Partner Commissions: 12-Point Agenda

Urban Company released a 12-point program ti improve partner earnings, livelihood

Home services marketplace Urban Company increased the prices of several high demand services across categories and also slashed commission charges of its beauty services professionals, among a slew of other changes announced today to improve the livelihood and payouts of its service professionals.

In an official blog post on Thursday, October 14, the on-demand home and beauty services platform released a 12-point agenda to improve ”partner earnings and livelihood”.

The development comes days after more than 100 partners – majority of them women professionals from the spa and salon verticals, protested outside the company’s Gurugram headquarters, demanding better pay, safer working conditions, and social security benefits, according to media reports.


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