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Yahoo Sports MLB writers Hannah Keyser and Zach Crizer reveal their choices for the fall classic showdown they most want to see develop to culminate the 2023 Major League Baseball season. Listen to the full conversation on Yahoo Sports’ new baseball podcast, “The Bandwagon”. Be sure to subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript


HANNAH KEYSER: My 2023 World Series match-up that I am rooting for is the Seattle Mariners versus the San Diego Padres. OK, the battle– when I mentioned this to Jake, again, the husband, he said, oh, battle of Peoria, which is where they both play in spring training. And I thought nobody else is–

ZACH CRIZER: No one will care about that

HANNAH KEYSER: –going to think about it that way. But in seeing them together a lot, I found myself going back to Peoria a lot, because both of these teams are very fun, very interesting, in a very specific position. Basically, why I picked this is that it’s the like the no-bad-outcomes World Series match-up. Neither of these teams have ever won a world championship. The Mariners have played for 47 seasons. this will be their 48th. The Padres have played for 55 seasons. This will be their 56th. And in all of those years, both of those teams–

ZACH CRIZER: Zero titles.

HANNAH KEYSER: –have not won a World Series title. And if they each win the pennant, which for the Mariners would also be the first time they won the pennant, then we could be like, wow. This is amazing. Like we know ahead of time that there is a massive, nearly half-century if not more drought about to be broken. That’s very cool.

ZACH CRIZER: What you need to draw in the whole country to a World Series match-up as a villain. You need the Astros, you need the Dodgers, you need the Yankees, you need someone who everyone, that isn’t a fan of that team, hates, or doesn’t want to see win. You need a contrast in styles. I came up with a different match-up that kind of accentuates the villainy that I think really draws people into the World Series, and that is a Subway Series. The Mets and the Yankees.

Now, the Yankees now haven’t won since 2009. Do you agree that they are the team under like the most fan-based pressure to get a ring?

HANNAH KEYSER: I do. Although I dislike that narrative because– perhaps I will write about that– that I think that it is like the Yankees fans feeling aggrieved and applying pressure to their team is such a form of, like, entitlement. Like why do– I why do we need to care that you guys haven’t seen a World Series in over a decade. Oh my gosh.

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