Why Faiz Hameed is being targeted by Maryam and Zardari?

Why Faiz Hameed is being targeted by Maryam and Zardari?

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Pakistan: Lietunat General Faiz Hameed a three-star ranking general of the Pakistan Army, is currently serving in Peshawar as a Commander of the XI Corps. Maryam Nawaz and Zardari are continuously spitting venom against Faiz Hameed in their speeches and Jalsa’s. Netizens are protesting on social media against the behavior of two political parties. They demanded from the FIA and ISPR to come forward and arrest them for defaming Faiz Hameed and the Pakistan Army.


Maryam Nawaz in the previous Jalsa uses some very bad words against Faiz Hameed, earlier the president of PMLN Nawaz Shareef also blatantly lied about Faiz and blamed him to support Imran Khan. Today Asif Zardari in a press conference taunted that “Aww Poor Faiz Hameed is already sidelined.” Two days ago the military media wing of the Pakistan Army (ISPR) categorically said that “Do not involve us in the politics, and refrain from using our name in your Jalsa’s.”


Netizens Demands:

Anchor Imran Riaz asked the DG ISPR to respond to the allegation/statement made by Zardari on “Poor Faiz Hameed is sidelined”.
Can DG ISPR confirm or deny this claim of Asif Zardari?


Dr. Shahbaz Gill reacted; Does Corps Commander Peshawar Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed belong to another country’s army? Therefore, it is permissible to impose Jokes, and taunts on them? First Maryam Safdar and today Asif Ali Zardari did the same. Is the FIA just to send notices, harass, politically retaliate and arrest social media activists and political activists of PTI?


Netizens are demanding the ISPR to come and give a response to Zardari’s statement, It is crystal clear that Gen Faiz Hameed has a huge fan base and hence the people of Pakistan are protesting against the malicious campaign against him. It’s their regular agenda of PMLN and PPP to malign the institutions.

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