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York County property transfers: See area home sale prices

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May 15, 2024

Central York School District

778 Oxford Dr, Manchester Twp: CCR Holdings LLC to Mark Edward Myers, $113,380

721 Locust Grove Rd, Lot 2, Springettsbury Twp: Kevin Murphy to Warren Weaver, $124,900

2747 Clearbrook Blvd, Manchester Twp: Randy Yohe to Madisyn Reed, $255,000

450 Greenleaf Ct, Manchester Twp: Delores Rehmeyer-EST to Daniel Doll, $282,000

21 Roselyn Dr, Springettsbury Twp: Craig Diehl-EST to William Panaro Jr-TR, $275,000

3814 Concord Ave, Springettsbury Twp: Tracee Herb to Joshua Seiple, $257,857.60

778 Oxford Dr, Manchester Twp: CCR Holdings LLC to Mark Edward Myers, $113,380

639 Kerria Dr, Manchester Twp: London Croft LLC to Benjamin Suarez, $764,732

1719 Argyle Dr, Springettsbury Twp: US Bank National Association to BML Real Estate, $163,275

Dallastown Area School District

43 E Maple St, Dallastown: Allen Carter to Alpha LLC, $129,900

2520 Croll School Rd, York Twp: Grace Garrety/Atty to Ann Summers, $480,000

135 Oak Ridge Lane, York Twp: Adam Trout-EST to Lester Matthews Jr, $147,580.79

36 S Pleasant Ave, Dallastown: Robert Amereign to Cash Flo LLC, $110,000

42 S Main St & S Main St, Loganville: Borad of Trustees Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church to HPW Properties, $203,000

2777 Seabiscuit St, Unit 11-A, York Twp: Viola Bomar to Christopher Matthai, $255,000

30888 Cape Horn Rd, York Twp: Cindy Shi to Eric Gunnet, $180,000

245 N Main St, Jacobus: SPG Capital to Sydney Hohenbrink, $240,000

706 Seaton Dr, York Twp: Steven Wise to Noel Padron, $448,000

2714 Primrose Lane, York Twp: Kristin Hobson to Matthew Henry, $462,500

3088 Cape Horn Rd, York Twp: Eric Gunnet to Silar Enterprises, $205,000

2754 Hunters Crest Dr, York Twp: Jo Ann Ness to Ayanah Savage, $206,000

436 Frederick Dr, York Twp: Brent Graybill to Dwight Sprenkle Jr, $350,000

420 Chancellor Rd, York Twp: Jane Shifflett to Brendan O’Connell, $360,000

Dover Area School District

5740 Old Carlisle Rd, Dover Twp: Ryan Fishel to Arthur Floyd III, $210,000

2902 Emig Ct, Dover Twp: Matthew Hayes to Jake Newsom, $222,000

2221 Sky Top Trail, Dover Twp: Marjorie Peterson to Eduardo Garduno, $400,000

102 S Main St, Dover: Dain Hursh to John Krall, $450,000

1889 Deerfield Dr, Dover Twp: Jeryl Deardorff to Ann Zimmerman, $250,000

3150 Faire Wynd Place, Dover Twp: Peggy Walker to Kimberly Watson, $275,000

4235 Marlborough Rd, Dover Twp: Leoner Checo-Suero to Hoa Tran, $270,000

Eastern York School District

791 Kreutz Creek Rd & Kreutz Creek Rd, Hellam Twp: Susan Boyer to Integrity First Home Buyers, $215,000

2204 Craley Rd, Lower Windsor Twp: Green River Realty to Michael Bunz, $239,000

Lot 6 Riverview Dr, East Prospect: Justine Snell to Jessica McManus, $202,000

4940 Yorkana Rd, Lower Windsor Twp: Joseph Fultz-TR to Valerie Meckley, $235,000

523 Ridgeway Dr, Hellam Twp: Kimberly Yarnell to Nicholas Delligatti, $297,000

2605 Craley Rd, Lower Windsor Twp: Jared Wotring to Trevor Shirk, $300,000

Hanover Area School District

189 Second Ave, Hanover: Lauren Parmelee to Alberto Mateos, $265,000

624 Northland Dr, Hanover: Holly Lovelace to Constance Granger, $250,000

31 Third St, Hanover: SPG Capital to Grace Cloutier, $200,000

27 Young Circle, Hanover: Stephanie Rauch to Neil Bingaman, $198,000

430 Moul Ave, Hanover: Carolyn Masemer-EST to David Shaqfeh, $236,000

225 Centennial Ave, Hanover: Donnie E Smith to James Schanberger $150,000

1115 Roosevelt Ct, Hanover: Marie McNulty-EST to William Troy, $270,000

249 Grant Dr, Hanover: Marian Stabley to Jordan Leeper, $330,000

Northeastern School District

40 Butter Rd, Conewago Twp: F-T LLLP to Richard Smith Jr, $470,000

690 Apple Tree Lane, East Manchester Twp: Joshua Bogardus to Brady Roche, $352,500

645 Locust Run Dr, Conewago Twp: Christina Sharpe to Viola Bomar, $260,000

5725 & 5727 Susquehanna Trail, Conewago Twp: James Klinedinst to Stefoni Harris, $190,000

Various Tracts, Conewago Twp: Faire Wynd Associates to DR Horton Inc-NJ, $1,727,264

35 Orchard Ct, Conewago Twp: Dustin Messinger to Scott Frederick, $430,000

Northern York School District

80 May Dr, Franklin Twp: James Zygmunt to Stephan Shapiro, $215,000

116 Greenbriar Lane, Dillsburg: James Burgess to Christopher S Miller, $380,000

123 Spring Rd, Carroll Twp: Michael Forster to Timothy Burdett, $326,000

Meadow Trail Lot 4, Monaghan Twp: Richard Hilboky to Janice Carroll, $165,000

49 Summer Dr, Monaghan Twp: John Whitehouse to Joshua Herbaugh, $471,000

46 Wooded Run Dr, Carroll Twp: George Romanacce to Matthew Walsh, $320,000

130 W Siddonsburg Rd, Monaghan Twp: Mary Cottenham-EST to Sean Viccaro, $330,000

Red Lion Area School District

835 Beaverton Dr, Windsor Twp: Matthew Noll to Summer Ingersoll, $370,000

409 Pauline Dr, Windsor Twp: Renia Perkowski to Kate McKinley, $310,000

16 Pond View Dr, Lower Chanceford Twp: Michael Atkin to Wayne Desch, $315,000

4104 Woodspring Lane, Windsor Twp: Judith Snyder-EST to Barbara McKenzie, $205,000

2925 Cape Horn Rd, Windsor Twp: Heriberto Mayedo-Ruiz to JABM Holdings, $380,000

1000 Gebhart Rd, Windsor Twp: Lamar Frey to Joshua Frantz, $350,000

775 Lombard Rd & Lombard Rd, Windsor Twp: Donna Massey to H&E Property Management, $2,000,000

785 Clydesdale Dr, Windsor Twp: Fannie Boone to Ryan Wilkinson, $425,000

1410 Bahns Mill Rd, Windsor Twp: Lester Witmer II to Edward Showers, $119,900

210 Knob Creek Lane, Windsor Twp: Steven Adams to Elizabeth Gonzalez, $390,000

255 Middle River Rd, Chanceford Twp: Brad Kohler to Mark D Miller Jr, $365,000

910 Neff Alley, Windsor Twp: Willow Valley Holdings to Corey Mohar, $150,000

22 Hunters Run Court, Windsor Twp: Kathleen Frey to Kenneth Bielecki Jr, $202,500

South Western School District

10 Woods Lane, Penn Twp: Carole Rebert to Frank Riegert, $519,000

30 Brewster St, Penn Twp: Phyllis Walker-EST to Brisha Zavala Lara, $220,000

46 Holstein Dr, West Manheim Twp: Christopher Patterson to Erin Ratliff, $269,000

3322 Grandview Rd, Penn Twp: Benjamin Shaffer-EST to Christy Meehan, $259,900

48 Earl St, Penn Twp: BR Homes LLC to Melinda Lankford, $315,000

14 Dunmore Dr, West Manheim Twp: Robert Campbell to Ashley Steele, $305,000

2378 Grandview Rd, Penn Twp: Kathy Gill to Andrew Immler, $192,000

125 Vista Loop, West Manheim Twp: David Watkins to Joseph Watts Sr, $510,000

57 Brewster St, Penn Twp: Warren Doersam-EST to Scott Barnhart, $190,000

455 Ripple Dr, Penn Twp: Stonewicke LP to JA Myers Building & Development, $26,000

455 Ripple Dr, Penn Twp: JA Myers Building & Development to Sean Demme, $431,470

15 O’Neill Ave, Penn Twp: Brooks Bosley to Christopher Haines, $215,500

Southeastern School District

108 Edie Circle, Hopewell Twp: Nadine’s Overlook to NVR Inc, $93,025

Scarlet Oak Trail Lot 217, Peach Bottom: John Ringelman to NHSG LLC, $27,000

902 Aubel Rd, Peach Bottom Twp: Carolyn Price to Ridge Scott, $234,000

7340 Woodbine Rd, Peach Bottom Twp: Jeffrey Watson to Mercury Properties, $200,000

10 Edie Circle, Hopewell Twp: Nadine’s Overlook to Keith Robertson, $443,394

714 Plank Rd, Hopewell Twp: Janis Klingler-EST to Eric Hodges, $285,000

144 Jones Rd, Fawn Twp: Carol Sides to Cecil Hedrick, $290,000

4285 Blackburn Dr, Hopewell Twp: Holeatheia Rene to Zachary Dwyer, $275,000

511 Mill St, Fawn Twp: Patricia Holmes to Steven Warner, $60,000

Southern York School District

32 S Main St, Railroad: Todd Somerville to Calvin Ambrose III, $125,000

4315 Brent Dr, Codorus Twp: DR Horton Inc-NJ to Calvin Lee Jr, $350,000

12252 Rail View Ct, Shrewsbury Twp: Mary Anne Schissler to Elaine Ferry, $145,000

3230 Rexwood Dr, Glen Rock: Yolanda Villanova to Patrick Murphy, $415,000

Various Tracts, Shrewsbury Twp: Somerset Glen LP to BRH Homes In PA South Central LLC, $616,000

Spring Grove Area School District

Beaver Creek Rd, Paradise Twp: Mark E Miller to Jeffrey D Myers, $25,000

90 W George St, New Salem: Roman Hartman Jr-EST to Justin Sandner, $230,000

186 Nashville Blvd, Jackson Twp: Dana Amspacher to Integrity First Home Buyers, $156,000

319 Greenwood Rd, Spring Grove: Jeffrey L Henry Inc to Devani Lang, $89,900

Menges Mill Rd, Heidelberg Twp: Marguerite Beck to Robert McGonigal, $95,000

7798 Gnatstown Rd, Jackson Twp: Jessica Rill to Julian Crawford, $150,000

West Shore School District

330 Kelso Dr, Fairview Twp: Good Hope Ventures to NVR Inc, $100,000

155 Whisler Rd, Newberry 1st: Adams Family Trust-TR to Logan Spahr, $300,000

1000 Twin Lakes Rd, Newberry 1st: Richard Clemens to Jeffrey Shirey, $599,700

56 Privet Dr, Newberry 1st: Rachel Clark to Yomaira Perez, $182,000

284 Red Haven Rd, Fairview Twp: Robert Smithmyer to Stephen Parthemore, $375,000

1 Red Barberry Dr, Newberry 1st: Joseph Halula to Lisa Tripp, $170,000

845 Moore’s Mountain Rd, Fairview Twp: Floyd Simpson-EST to New Gen Realty, $225,000

779 Fishing Creek Rd, Fairview Twp: Earl Hermann to Jeremy Benfield, $199,900

West York Area School District

99 Westview Manor, West Manchester Twp: Deborah Fuhrman to Sarah Shammet, $177,000

1558 Stanton St, West York: Integrity First Home Buyers to Colette Nicholas, $200,000

1544 Haviland Rd, West Manchester Twp: Sandra Leiphart to Angel Galarza, $275,000

1890 Azalea Dr Unit E-1, West Manchester Twp: Linda Bupp-EST to Steven Burns, $135,500

950 Taxville Rd, West Manchester Twp: Olthjea Croom to Debra Campion, $365,000

1032 W King St, West York: Jeffrey Mummert Jr to Simply Sold LLC, $75,000

York City School District

261 W Cottage Place, York: PA Homes LLC to Lolomack LLC, $187,500

420 Roosevelt Ave, York: Karen Eckert to Erin Brown, $315,000

600 N Harley St, #218, York: Cory Kane to Matthew Welsh, $160,000

716 Priority Rd, York: Anna Mae Dennis-EST to Frank Lomenzo, $80,000

548 W Market St, York: William Frierott to Nicole Bien-Aime, $179,000

355 W Gas Ave, York: Jermaine Jamison to John Jeter, $5,000

357 W Gas Ave, York: Jermaine Jamison to John Jeter, $5,000

715 W Locust St, York: Timothy Gillespie to Homepath Investment Group, $52,000

808 Chestnut St, York: JR Leasing Partners to Michele V Smith, $139,900

132 W Boundary Ave, York: Tresa Kirk to Jose Guzman, $82,500

145 E Philadelphia St, York: Summix Holdings to Sunrise Remodeling, $575,000

253 Harding Ct, York: Hillside Financial LLC to Alfi Rafael Hernandez Jorge, $105,000

552 Salem Ave, York: Four Squares Development to Calvin Flaud, $165,000

552 Wilson Ct, York: Christopher Gross to 248 S Quince St LLC, $75,000

728 E Market St, York: Cindy Menches to Anh Mai, $127,500

311 W Jackson St, York: SPG Capital to Diaire Brison, $185,000

919 W King St, York: Maria Gonzalez Santana to Adnes Santiago Colon, $162,000

1400 Continental Rd, York: Phantom Property Investments to Megan Holmes, $240,000

1032 Roosevelt Ave, York: Luis Munon/TCB to Elite Buys Homes, $36,000

482 W Princess St, York: Cathy Krout to Amelia Rosado, $24,000

742 S Duke St, York: Elite Buys Homes to David Morel-Encarnacion, $195,000

York Suburban School District

304 Greystone Rd, Springettsbury Ind: Midfirst Bank to Cash Flo LLC, $187,000

618 Mulberry St, Spring Garden Twp: RV Miller Properties to Paul Brown Jr, $172,000

331 S Findlay St, Springettsbury Ind: Robert Loomis Jr to Caitlin Birch, $285,000

481 Hunting Park Lane, Springettsbury Ind: Cynthia Sneath-TR to Phillip Kruhm, $285,000

50 Peyton Rd, Spring Garden Twp: Kenneth Petry-EST to Budget Rentals, $251,000

2980 Forrest Lane, Springettsbury Ind: Peyton Engels to Thomas Mainzer III, $425,000

Bermudian Springs School District

202 Harrisburg St, East Berlin: Edward Robbins Jr to Travis Myers, $209,000

131 Aspen Dr, East Berlin: David Reindollar to Phillip Kline, $330,000

Conewago Valley School District

148 Lynx Dr, Conewago Twp: Paul W Pyers to William Printz, $375,000

219 Maple Dr, Conewago Twp: Helene Stoelker to Kathleen Carter, $247,000

240 S Jefferson St, Conewago Twp: Anthony Kahlbaugh-DECD to Christine Marshall, $247,000

186 Cottage Dr, Hamilton Twp: Jay Cookerly-DECD to Jason Bardwell, $149,000

402 Locust Lane, Hamilton Twp: Todd Grim to Christopher Brown, $650,000

152 Sherry Lane, Oxford Twp: Christopher Brown to Brett Collins, $495,000

780 Lingg Rd, Oxford Twp: Matthew Bosserman to Gregory Trent, $320,000

125 Oxford Blvd, Oxford Twp: Timothy Colon to George Carr, $380,000

Fairfield Area School District

2 Rebecca Trail, Carroll Valley: Gordon Russell-DECD to Robert Gorman, $455,000

4 Cross View Trail, Carroll Valley: New To You Properties to Tiffeny Price, $14,000

16 Mountain View Trail, Carroll Valley: Judith Short to Barton Gibbon, $375,000

11 Snow Bird Trail, Carroll Valley: Edmund Bates to Amber Edmondson, $285,000

8 Pinehurst Trail, Carroll Valley: Lewin Strock to Megan Baker, $5,000

15 Sloe Gin Trail, Hamiltonban Twp: David Powell to Douglas Moffitt, $200,000

23 Center Trail, Hamiltonban Twp: Allen Smith to Land For Life LLC, $5,000

4236 Fairfield Rd, Hamiltonban Twp: Alexanders Plumbing & Heating Inc to Randy & Kelly Land Company LLC, $800,000

Gettysburg Area School District

202 Barlow Greenmount Rd, Cumberland Twp: David Deoms-DECD to Hendrick Viersma, $480,000

4 Nighthawk Ct, Cumberland Twp: Joseph Myers-DECD to Gocker Ozgur, $369,900

194 Old Route 30, Franklin Twp: Harvey Wagner-DECD to B O B Holdings LLC, $50,000

335 S Washington St, Gettysburg: John Kellett to Pedro Gomez Perez, $127,000

E Water St, Gettysburg: GSC Gettysburg LLC to Erik & Tracy Mahler Living Trust, $157,500

29 W Middle St, Gettysburg: Fifty Properties LLC to Erikajames LLC, $375,000

33 W Middle St, Gettysburg: GSC Gettysburg to Erikajames LLC, $870,000

106 Carlisle St, Gettysburg: GSC Gettysburg LLC to Erik & Tracy Mahler Living Trust, $765,000

38 E Water St, Gettysburg: GSC Gettysburg LLC to Erik & Tracy Mahler Living Trust, $262,500

150 Chambersburg St, Gettysburg: Brent Guise to Adams Rescue Mission, $490,000

770 Coleman Rd, Straban Twp: Catherine Kammerer-DECD to Sensenig Real Estate, $280,000

310 Quiet Creek Dr, Straban Twp: DRB Group Mid-Atlantic to R Donald Jaquette Jr, $739,335

172 Woolgrass Lane, Straban Twp: Caruso Builder Amblebrook to Christine Ferrall, $550,218

Schrivers Corner Rd, Straban Twp: Richard H Schumm Revocable Living Trust to Jamie Werner, $175,000

28 Boneset Dr, Straban Twp: US Home LLC to Kevin Jenkins, $399,990

23 Grand Overlook Dr, Straban Twp: DR Horton Inc-NJ to Patricia Roberts, $409,000

Littlestown Area School District

25 E King St, Littlestown: Travis Winebrenner to Christopher Whitestone, $250,000

145 Colorado Ave, Littlestown: Benjamin Cartwright to House Cash LLC, $171,500

108 Homestead Dr, Mt Pleasant Twp: Steven Gebhart to Jacqueline Sanders, $240,000

654 Curtis Dr, Mt Pleasant Twp: Carolyn Creager-DECD to Thomas Purdy, $305,000

717 Hancock Dr, Mt Pleasant Twp: Rose Ann Cygan-DECD to Maria Santilli, $237,500

Upper Adams School District

56 Norris Rd, Menallen Twp: Jason Bange to Maria Cavenaghi, $49,900

584 Aspers-Bendersville Rd, Menallen Twp: Structured Asset Securities Corp Mortgage Pass to 8 Dunnigan LLC, $10,000

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