Get Well Boris Johnson
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Get Well Boris Johnson Hashtag #GetWellBoris is Trending on Twitter

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Get Well Boris is being trended on Twitter, People sending good wishes by Tweeting with the hashtag #GetWellBoris As British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been transferred to the ICU

It is trending on Twitter #GetWellBoris & #PrayForBoris as Boris fans, supporters, and people around the world are sending love messages and sending wishes to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

People Reaction on Twitter after they got the news that Boris Johnson is in ICU:


Rita Simons wrote I wish him a speedy recovery, I don’t care about the trollers


Tim Dawson wrote Best Prime Minister for a long time


Kimberly wrote Those wishing the Prime Minister Boris dead shame on you with Hashtag #PrayForBoris 



A Twitter User Layton Smith Tweeted,


Rita Clara Tweeted with a placard


Rachael Tweeted a video message for Prime Minister UK Boris



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