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Howie Hawkins Presidential Twitter account suspended

In Twitter
April 17, 2020

Howie Hawkins Twitter account was suspended for impersonating himself.


Update: 29 April 2020 Twitter has restored the presidential campaign account of Howie Hawkins.

Hawkins Presidential Twitter Account Suspended.                                  https://twitter.com/HowieHawkins20



Hawkins presidential campaign Twitter account is suspended. Twitter is a biased platform when it comes to freedom of speech we have seen so many accounts are being suspended by Twitter, not for hate speeches but for speaking freely, Twitter never suspended terrorist accounts, Jihadi groups accounts, but they suspend those handle who speaks the truth recently.


Who is Howie Hawkins and why Howie Hawkins Twitter Account Suspended

Howard Gresham Hawkins (born December 8, 1952) is an American trade unionist and environmental activist from New York. A co-founder of the Green Party of the United States, Hawkins is seeking the party’s nomination for President in 2020. His primary campaign issues include enacting an eco-socialist Green New Deal, which he first proposed in 2010, and building a viable, independent working-class political and social movement in opposition to the Democratic and Republican parties and capitalism in general. Howard Gresham Hawkins was born in San Francisco, California, in 1952, and raised in nearby San Mateo. In the 1980s Hawkins joined the green movement. In 1988, he and Murray Bookchin founded the Left-Green Network “as a radical alternative to U.S. Green liberals”, based around the principles of social ecology and libertarian municipalism.

Hawkins tweeted that his presidential campaign account was suspended the second time today and he said he is not sure if Twitter will accept his appeal.


Later he tweeted the response of Twitter where it is mentioned that his account was suspended for impersonating, now the question arises how he can impersonate himself?


Howie Hawkins tweeted that this is 2nd time his presidential campaign account was suspended.




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