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Utility Stores Ramadan Package to go into effect on Friday

In Pakistan
April 16, 2020
utility stores

LAHORE: The Ramadan package will go into effect on Friday by the federal government at utility stores. Notification of new prices has been issued.


utility stores

According to the details, the federal government has given a discount of Rs. 4 to Rs. 115 on the items of rice, wheat, and coking on the Ramadan package at the utility stores.

Under the Ramadan Relief Package, rice has been reduced to Rs 6 per kg, after which the price per kg of rice has been reduced from Rs 122 to Rs 116.

Mix kheer has been reduced by four rupees, the price has been reduced from Rs. 84 to Rs. 80 per kg, grade II is reduced by Rs. 5 kg and cooking oil of grade II has been reduced by Rs. 5 per liter. Prices are lower than Rs 210 and are priced at Rs 205.

A pack of 400 grams of red pepper has been reduced by Rs 12, after which the price has been reduced from Rs 285 to Rs 273 per KG.

Spices from various brands including spices from Biryani, Quorma, and other dishes have been cheaper by Rs 7 to 13. The three-liter beverage bottle has been priced at Rs 18, after which the price has been reduced from 750 to Rs 732.

The prices of various companies’ toothpaste, toilet paper, and honey diapers have been reduced from Rs. 5 to 115, while dry and powdered milk has been reduced by Rs 15.

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