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Youm e Ali processions 250 Arrested for violating Lockdown

In Pakistan
May 16, 2020
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250 Arrested on Youm e Ali Procession: The Sindh government had announced a complete lockdown on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday across the province, including Karachi, because of the threat of the coronavirus, which is not being implemented, According to the Sindh Government notification no rally, no processions will be allowed but the Shia Community of Karachi didn’t listen to the government and violated the SOPs and the notification.

Sindh Government Double Standard

On one hand, Sindh Government is not allowing Sunni Muslims to pray in mosque due to coronavirus and not allowing anyone to comes on-road and not allowing people to gather together, but on other hands, the 400 to 500 people were in procession on Friday and no government officials and media were saying anything to Shia Community. If the same thing had happened by Sunni Muslims then the Government and Media would have close the mosques.

Business and movement of people remained closed from 12 noon to 3 pm today. However, on the occasion of Ali Day, the main procession in Karachi was allowed with SOPs but the people were in large numbers. 

The main procession on the occasion of Ali Day in Karachi ended at noon at Husseiniya Iraniya Imambargah Kharadar. The procession routes were closed with containers while strict security arrangements were made.

29 cases were registered in different police stations of the city for violating section 144 while 250 persons were arrested.

After a four-day easing, the three-day tightening in the lockdown began. On the direction of the Sindh government, all business and traffic in the province including Karachi remained closed from 12 noon to 3 pm on Friday.

Friday prayer gatherings in mosques also remained within the prescribed limits. On Saturday and Sunday, all business centers and markets in the city will remain closed, while groceries, bakeries, medical stores, and dairy shops will remain open.

Condemnation of cases and arrests of Majlis-e-Wahdat Muslimeen Sindh during Youm e Ali

Government SOPs were violated by the Shia Community in Karachi

Karachi Police Chief Ghulam Nabi Memon said that action is being taken on the violation of lockdown in Karachi. Since last night, 38 cases have been registered in the city and around 150 people have been arrested. Or those arrested include both procession organizers and participants.

On the other hand, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) Sindh has condemned the cases and arrests. MWM Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi gives the threat to release the people in 24 hours else we will tell you.

MWM leader Allama Baqir Abbas Zaidi has said in a statement that the arrest of more than 200 people on their return from the procession is reprehensible so Release immediately.


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