Colorado Firing

Colorado Firing: 5 dead, many injured & suspect killed

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Colorado Firing: On Monday, five people have been killed, and many injured including a police officer in a shooting incident in the US state of Colorado. As per the Authorities, The suspect who they have not yet disclosed his identity is killed too.

According to foreign media, a gunman opened fire at various places in the state, as a result of which 3 people including a police officer were also injured while five deaths have been confirmed so far. According to police, the incident took place at around 5 pm in which the assailant opened fire at four places after which the assailant was killed in a cross firing in a police operation. According to police, two women were also killed in the firing while the assailant opened fire in one area and turned indiscriminately in the other area and also indiscriminately opened fire. Police officers identified a car that was associated with the suspect.

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