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How to Become a Contributor

July 12, 2020
become a contributor

Become a Contributor on “EMEA TRIBUNE” and post your content voluntarily without any hassle and no need to worry about “Censorship”. 

The EMEA Tribune is an independently funded online news organization and a proud Google News Publisher, that has been publishing since March 2020, founded by DJ Kamal Mustafa

The EMEA Tribune was founded in March 2020 by DJ Kamal Mustafa. Our aim is to be the primary portal of the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Pakistan news and our target audience are all those communities of readers living in and around the region that cares deeply for its fate. EMEA TRIBUNE is known for “Investigative Journalism” we publish exclusive stories from investigative to trending and that’s how we make it viral for everyone. We have been featured in the News Blogs and International Media is also quoting us and publishing our reports.


How to Become a Contributor at EMEA TRIBUNE?


How to Become a Contributor

To Become a Contributor here you need to follow the Policy & follow these steps to join as a Contributor on this site, we are always looking for a new contributor if you have something to say and you can’t on anywhere and no media is accepting your pitch/article then you can publish here without any hassle and it will be reached to the massive audience.

  • Join a team of independent journalists committed to exposing bad actors and groups
  • An article of no more than 1000 words, the minimum is 300 but we recommend 600 for SEO purposes, the article should be focused on an important topic in the political and public policy spheres or pertaining to a business issue or anything related to social.
  • Your profile must be registered here with all the necessary details such as a bio, social media links, website if you have one, email, and photo
  • Your article should have at least two photos minimum
  • At this time we accept articles in the English Language but if your article is in another language we may take a look
  • If you want to offer us a contribution you should consider which section of the website is most likely to be interested in, then you need to post accordingly to that
  • You need to fix grammar mistakes on your own and cross-check before publishing an article

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