Is Express Crypto gone forever after scamming?

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Express Crypto ( redirecting to Express Faucet, claims to be a multi-cryptocurrency wallet, where people earn money by playing games, trading, and completing offers. Since December 24, 2021, the site went offline and the site maintenance message shows to the visitor.

Update February 6, 2022: I got my Payment back from Express Crypto but half.

Update February 1, 2022:  At the time of modifying this post, Express Crypto has not sent me my funds or email. As they were supposed to Pay earlier, I have heard from many people, they said we have not received it either. I will update this post once I get my funds back.

Current update 1/20/2022: ExpressCrypto will never return, updates about your funds: Read this

express crypto

Update: 1/19/2022: It’s almost a month with no response from them, as per my experience the site Express Crypto has gone scam.


Breaking Update 6/1/2022: I have noticed that one of the domains (not sure if this domain belongs to Express Crypto) but it is showing that their domain is for sale. There is no update from the Express Crypto team, what they told recently is “Company who is recovering their disk is on holiday”.

express crypto

As of now on 1/4/2022, the Express Crypto team has not even responded to the email that EMEA TRIBUNE has sent earlier. If the funds are safe and they are planning to be back soon, they should have responded to the email. Many users are asking them to respond on social media but sudden silence on their end since 12/24/2021 makes users think about “Scammed by Express Crypto”.


What are the updates now about Express Crypto?


Updates were given by the Express Crypto team on their website yesterday, and as per them, On December 28, They Transferred hard disks to a special recovery company, and on December 29, 2021, the company is working on the restoration of the disks.


Suddenly on December 26, 2021, they tweeted about the downtime which people thought about the smell of scams.

EMEA Tribune reached out to them on December 26, 2021, for the update and answer about the funds, unfortunately, they have not responded to the email which was sent. I will update the article with their response if they answer me.

As per the Tweet by them “their database is corrupted or currently not recognizing their server disk, and back up disk” that means if their server didn’t pick the backup disk properly it means the funds will not be available or maybe the funds are gone.


Many users are tagging them on Twitter to provide the estimated time for the service restoration but unfortunately “Express Crypto” is not in the mood to reply to the public, in fact, they have disabled the reply feature. Currently, there is no sign of Express Crypto to return as it seems, if they were returning they would have notified the public about the returning time and the confirmation of “Safe funds” which they fail. Wish it’s not the existing scam, hope Express Crypto will be back.


This article will be updated as soon as the new development comes.

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