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John Starr Twitter Director Left the Company after 6 years

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September 24, 2020
John Starr Twitter Director Left the Company after 6 years

In April 2020 John Starr Twitter Director of Trust & Safety Left the Company after 6 years of incredible work. he announced the news on Twitter.


Who is John Starr Twitter Director?

You may have heard about Vijaya Gadde, Del Harvey but you may have not heard about John Starr because he was working behind the door which means you may have not heard him on public forums, media like others such as Del Harvey and Vijaya but he was responsible for everything and I call him an “unsung hero” but in this article, I tell you about his incredible work which he did when he was a Director at Twitter Inc. (From 2014 to April 4, 2020)

Mr. John Starr joined the company in 2014 with a post from the Trust and Safety Manager until 2015, when he was promoted to Senior Manager of Trust and Safety, and the following year in 2016 he was promoted to Director of Trust and Safety Twitter. 

Mr. Starr and his team’s job was to create a secure and safer place for users, and they succeeded in that. Mr. Starr and his team created a system where everyone was allowed to speak freely on Twitter, which we cannot speak about in daily life when we meet someone face to face. But with that, they faced considerable challenges, such as the accounts of underage prostitution that we call (child pornography), Few pedophiles joined Twitter to promote child pornography and the list was long at that time, Because of this, the reputation of the company was getting affected and a lot of people were complaining.

Mr. Starr and his team accepted the challenge and within a short period of time they had developed a system and set up a policy and a law. And under this law, the company will not tolerate child pornography accounts (Pedophiles) at all, and Twitter will not only suspend these accounts, but Twitter will make sure that they (Pedophiles) will never use the platform again. 

The company has mentioned on their website that “We have a zero-tolerance child sexual exploitation policy on Twitter.” Twitter has zero tolerance towards any material that features or promotes child sexual exploitation, one of the most serious violations of the Twitter Rules

The rules and policies were introduced by Mr. Starr and his team, including Vijaya Gadde, Del Harvey, and others. Since then Twitter (Mr. Starr) has worked with Child Abuse Experts, NGOs) and today Twitter inc has (ZERO PEDOPHILES) accounts, You will not find any accounts that are promoting sexual child abuse content.

How was Mr. Starr helpful to me?

Everyone should keep in mind that Mr. Starr was a Director so he was responsible for everything such as account suspension, restoration, and creating a safer place for Twitter users. I continued to work with law enforcement and government agencies, and during that time I found the most dangerous accounts from promoting terrorism to promoting extremism. I have personally sent numerous emails to Mr. Starr and his team and without getting delayed the 100’s accounts were suspended. 

Not only this, but Twitter Inc. has verified many fake handles who were either not eligible or either were verified on fake documents when verification was opened to the general public. When it comes to my attention I sent all the list to Mr. Starr and his team and fortunately, the “Verified Accounts” who were selling verification badges, sending malicious URLs, and promoting hatred, were all suspended in no time. Mr. Starr has never disappointed me, but today I am sad that he is leaving Twitter after six years. 

I am happy that the laws and policies Mr. John Starr and his team have created are making a positive impact on Twitter today and where users are finding themselves safe. I hope Mr. Starr’s future will be brighter than today and he will have more success.


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