Bilawal Bhutto Kaanpain Tang Rahi Hain

Bilawal Bhutto Kaanpain Tang Rahi Hain “New Flood of Memes” in Pakistan

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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s tongue was slipped while addressing in Islamabad, and the new flood of memes came on social media with full power. It is to be noted that recently the language of Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari slipped during his address to the participants of the public march in Islamabad. He said,

Aap ka josh Islamabad ko hila raha hain, Islamabad main Kaanpain Tang Rahi Hain.

He called the legs ‘tremble’ and ‘trembled’ ‘legs’. Bilawal Bhutto had said that “your enthusiasm is shaking Islamabad and Islamabad is trembling. Social media users started to make memes on it, TV celebrities, public figures, and everyone is now making memes on Kaanpain Tang. Even PM Imran Khan in Jalsa said yesterday, “Opposition walo tumhari Kaanpain Tangnay wali hain”.

A general store in Pakistan was named “Kaanpain Tang General Store” after Bilawal’s speech.

Kaanpain Tang Rahi Hain

Kaanpain Tang Rahi Hain Memes:



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