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Live Updates U.S Soldiers among those killed in attack near Kabul airport

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12 US Marines soldiers killed in Kabul Airport Explosion and many wounded, many critical says the US. While The Guardian reporting more than 13 soldiers were killed.


Washington — Multiple U.S. service members were among those killed in a “complex attack” outside the airport in Kabul, the Pentagon said Thursday, the worst-case scenario for the U.S. amid efforts to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies ahead of President Biden’s August 31 deadline to leave.

“We can confirm that a number of U.S. service members were killed in today’s ‘complex attack’ at Kabul airport,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said on Twitter. “A number of others are being treated for wounds. We also know that a number of Afghans fell victim to this heinous attack.”

One explosion tore through crowds waiting at Abbey Gate, one of four entrances to the airport where thousands of people had gathered every day since Kabul fell to the Taliban, desperate to board flights out of the country. Another explosion struck a nearby hotel, the Pentagon said.


Live Update On Kabul Airport Explosion

  • According to the @NatSecJeff two more explosions were reported in Kabul a few minutes ago and its sixth or seventh one today


  • Another powerful blast has been reported in Kabul


  • We are sharing information with Taliban since August 14 to prevent attacks, says Gen McKenzie


  • Working assumption’ is suicide bomber tried to get through Abbey Gate and into Kabul airport. The bomber ‘did not get through the gate, General McKenzie


  • The attack on Kabul airport was two suicide bombers from Islamic State: General McKenzie


  • “Let me be clear: While we’re saddened by the loss of life, both US and Afghan, we’re continuing to execute the mission,” says General McKenzie


  • Defense Secretary Austin on those killed and wounded in Kabul:   “We mourn their loss, we will treat their wounds and we will support their families in what will most assuredly be devastating grief”


  • The Pentagon is holding a press briefing at 3 pm ET. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby and Army Major General William “Hank” Taylor will be leading the briefing. At least 12 Us service members were killed in the twin blasts.


  • At least 12 US Marines soldiers killed in Kabul Airport Explosion


  • The Wall Street Journal has reported at least 60 Afghans were killed in the blasts.


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