Melania Clone Trump Lawyer Alina Habba Says She’d Rather Be ‘Pretty’ and Can ‘Fake Being Smart’

Donald Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, claimed that she’d rather be “pretty” than “smart” during an appearance on the conservative “PBD Podcast” on Jan. 4.

Habba and the podcast’s hosts, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, and Vincent Oshana, were discussing the twice-impeached ex-president’s multiple indictments when Sosnick noted that the attorney was “an attractive woman,” and he wondered if Trump chose her to represent him rather than an alpha man due to her looks.

Melania Clone Trump Lawyer Alina Habba Says She'd Rather Be 'Pretty' and Can 'Fake Being Smart'

“Say what you will about Trump, alpha man,” said Sosnick. “You would suspect he picks an alpha guy, but he picks a feminine, smart, capable woman. How much of you being an attractive, smart woman do you think played a role in this to him?”

“I don’t think I would be on T.V. or sitting here if I didn’t look the way I look,” replied Habba. “I think I caught attention. I’m very honest about that and I don’t mind. I’m not a feminist, OK? I believe in strong women, but I want my door open.”

She went on to say she was a traditional Middle Eastern woman who cooks and cleans and knows how to “turn it off” while at home with her husband.

“Somebody said to me, ‘Alina would you rather be smart or pretty?’ And I said, ‘Oh, easy, pretty. You can fake being smart,’” she added.

“Listen, you have to be honest,” she continues. “It doesn’t hurt to be good-looking in this world.”

X Users reacted after the clip was shared on the platform. One user replied, “Trump is on tape talking about how his (failed) airline employees didn’t need to be qualified if they look good. I guess he hasn’t changed his hiring strategy.” Another added, “Sound legal strategy from Trump.” A third X user wrote, “Her interviews are more honest than her court filings.”

According to ABC News, Habba first began representing Trump when he filed a lawsuit against his niece, Mary L. Trump, and the New York Times for trying to obtain his tax records. The complaint claimed there was an “insidious plot” by Mary Trump and the newspaper to “exploit” the 45th POTUS, but the lawsuit was later dismissed.

The 39-year-old attorney and Trump were accused of using the courts to “seek revenge on political adversaries” after Habba filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, claiming she conspired to tarnish Trump’s reputation. Habba and Trump were fined $1 million by the judge, who also dismissed the lawsuit.

Habba also went after New York Attorney General Letitia James after Trump and his company were civilly charged with fraud in the state. Habba accused James of trying to “make a name” for herself.

“Ms. James wants to call my client a liar, call the company fraudulent, and make a name for herself,” she said. “Ms. James, I have a message for you: the numbers didn’t lie when you ran for governor, and that’s why you dropped out, and the numbers don’t lie when President Trump runs for office in 2024. And those numbers are loud and clear.”

Habba is a managing partner at Habba, Madaio & Associates LLP and is also a senior advisor for Trump’s super PAC, MAGA, Inc.

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