Petrol Price in Pakistan suddenly increased by 26 Rupees

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Petrol Prices in Pakistan suddenly increased by 26 Rupees which will be implemented from tonight.


Petrol Price in Pakistan


The government of Pakistan on Friday has increased the prices of all petroleum products from 18 rupees up to 26 rupees per liter. Finance Division on Friday issues a press release in which it is officially stated that from 26 June 2020 the prices of all petroleum products will increase.

A copy of the letter has been received by “EMEA TRIBUNE” and according to the letter, the prices are as follows.

  • Motor Spirit Petrol increase = 25.58 rupees, the old price was 74.52 & new price is 100.10 rupees
  • HSD High-speed diesel increase = 21.31 rupees, the old price was 80.15 & new price is 101.46 rupees
  • SKO Super Kerosene Oil increase = 23.50 rupees, the old price was 35.56 & new price is 59.06 rupees
  • LDO Light Diesel Oil increase = 17.84 rupees, the old price was 38.14 & new price is 55.98 rupees


According to the Finance Division Government of Pakistan, the decision to revise the prices of petroleum products upwards was taken because of the rising oil prices trend in the global market.


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