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Pilum A Promising Defense Agency!

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March 05, 2023
Pilum A Promising Defense Agency!

After 9/11, US agencies have been going the extra mile when it comes to providing security, investigative, and protective services.  Pilum Defense Agency is a total protection, investigation, and firearms training solutions firm. Veteran-owned and veteran-run, we were founded by former U.S. Marine Corps and Navy SEAL combat-proven personnel. All their protectors, investigators, and advisors have served in either the U.S. military or law enforcement. This background has made Pilum uniquely motivated and appropriately trained to complete assignments with success and integrity while consistently exceeding its client’s expectations.

 The Pilum was a javelin commonly used by the Roman Army in ancient times, thrown at enemies to pierce armor before engaging in hand-to-hand combat. Essentially, it was used to disrupt a threat before swords were drawn. Once it pierced a shield, it rendered it ineffective.

Pilum was established by Michael Mancha and Stephen Barela in Denver, Colorado in 2013 to provide quality Protection and Investigative Solutions. Pilum’s mission is to serve with integrity, honor, and valor. The company exists because we believe that former military members bring businesses truly unique skills in dealing with unknowable situations and complex problems. Pilum’s core values are Professionalism, Commitment, Integrity, Diligence, Teamwork, Loyalty, Adaptability, Stamina, Patience, and Innovation.  


Integrity, Dedication, and Security, All Combined! 


The company’s investigative services include: 


  • Conducting Multidimensional Background Searches 

  • Corporate and Civil investigation  

  • Asset Searches  


Pilum’s protection services include:

  • Executive Protection 

  • Uniformed Armed Security 

    • Death Threats

    • TSCM “Bug Sweeps”  


Apart from investigative and protective services, the company also provides advanced firearms training services that include basic weapon manipulation, weapon maintenance, self-defense tactics, and shooting and moving scenarios.

A service that exceeds Expectations! 


Pilum exists because they believe that decorated military and law enforcement members bring truly unique skills to public and commercial entities when dealing with investigations and on-site unknowable, high-risk situations, and complex problems and circumstances. 

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