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Sabir Shah PMLN Senator embarrassed Pakistan at UN

In Pakistan
May 18, 2022
Sabir Shah PMLN Senator embarrassed Pakistan at UN

Pakistan: The PMLN Senator Sabir Shah has embarrassed Pakistan at United Nations (UN).  He was not able to read even the written speech in English. His act made Pakistan shameful at the international level. The written speech was in English, he was unable to speak correctly, hesitated, and took a long time to say a single word. He also skipped a few paragraphs because he could not understand the words. It’s a real embarrassment for Pakistan, the current imported government for making illiterate minister who can’t pronounce their own name even.

The written speech was in English, even a kid can speak better English than Sabir Shah. It was the forum of the United Nations and not the examination hall where you can skip a paper if you don’t know the answer. Sabir Shah was attending an UN-sponsored migration forum in New York. The PML-N senator took double the time but still could not finish his speech. The moderator of the session reprimanded the PMLN senator for taking too much time and irrelevant speech, she said to the senator to complete his speech in due time, as we have other people too in this forum.

A man who doesn’t know how to speak has become a senator shows how our political system is corrupted. I doubt how has he even completed the graduation? The Election Commission of Pakistan should check his education degrees.

Netizens Reaction on Senator Sabir Shah Speech in Pakistan at UN


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