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PTI Gujranwala Jalsa before “Ghulami Na Manzoor” March

In Pakistan
May 18, 2022
PTI Gujranwala Jalsa before “Ghulami Na Manzoor” March

Gujranwala: This is PTI 10th Jalsa in Gujranwala before “Ghulami Na Manzoor” March.  Another huge crowd was gathered in the Jalsa venue. PTI official has also tweeted that they were amazed to see the crowd. The Jalsa was started in the evening, Khan Sahab is currently delivering the speech at Jinnah Stadium. The brave nation of Pakistan has told those who were part of the regime-change operation that imported government is not acceptable and only Imran Khan is acceptable to us.



PTI Gujranwala Jalsa Speech: Ghulami na Manzoor

  1. Hamza Shahbaz and Shahbaz Sharif you both will go to jail: Imran Khan
  2. This is not politics but revolution is coming, we will defeat the mafia badly: Imran Khan
  3. My army families will also come to Islamabad with me: Imran Khan
  4. Nawaz Sharif Shobaz Sharif Both brothers are trapped. Sea is in front of them and Behind the sea, it’s me standing with the whole nation
  5. The bandits overthrew my government along with the United States: Imran Khan
  6. In my government, I decrease the price of petrol, and Fazlu Rahman
  7. Thirty years later, our assemblies are running without diesel
  8. I am calling you to Islamabad for the real war of independence for Pakistan
  9. My Gujranwala is ready for the Independence March of Islamabad: Imran Khan
  10. We will rebuild Pakistan
  11. We helped the farmers, and got the full price from the sugar mafia
  12. I was asked who was involved in overthrowing your government: Imran Khan
  13. Praise be to Allah that he has awakened the nation
  14. When we become a nation, it will not be difficult to repay the loans
  15. Zardari is very happy that all the abuses are falling on PML-N
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