Potential internet trends across Europe in 2023

Potential internet trends across Europe in 2023
One of the best things about the internet is that it’s constantly evolving. The landscape of cyberspace has significantly changed since the 2010s, which had also changed from the 2000s as well as from the 1990s. It’s changing at such a rapid pace that even over the course of a single year things can look completely different. That’s why we’ve looked at some potential trends that could jump out at us for 2023. Keep reading for a glimpse into the future.

Online casinos 

Online casinos have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Their ease of use combined with a wide array of features means that there is definitely a higher quality of online casinos around than in the past. This is no more apparent than in Europe, especially across countries like Germany, where online casinos have exploded in terms of new sites. In fact, there are new high-quality casinos coming to the German market all the time according to the Swiss casino portal, making it one of the fastest-growing casino markets on the planet. This means that in order to stay at the top of the pile, online casinos have to provide new services to players on a regular basis.

One trend that is likely to help with this is the introduction of virtual reality casinos. These are online casinos that allow players to view the inside of the casino as a virtual reality construct. It will most likely be like a virtual tour of a casino, similar to the ones you can find on YouTube, but with the addition of an interactive element. As VR hardware becomes more popular with players, it won’t be a
surprise if this method of playing becomes the next big trend.

With it also being linked to crypto gaming, there’s a large potential for growth in this area. Sites are seeing the benefits are using these methods and developers are putting more of their resources into the creation of high-quality VR software.


A change in NFT behaviors

NFTs were seen as the next big thing when they first appeared on the market. With an initial rush promising a similar investment opportunity to what the initial crypto explosion offered, it led to people buying NFTs for investments. However, in the time since then, it’s become apparent that NFTs don’t offer the same type of opportunity to people. This doesn’t mean that they are going to die out, or that they’re useless though. What is most likely means is that there will be a pivot in how they are used on the internet.

The most likely way that NFTs will explode is through trading card games. Just like Pokémon cards and baseball cards in the past, trading card games are hugely popular. NFTs allow people to play trading card games without having to carry huge decks around with them. This means that the way that they work can change significantly. There are already some companies out there that are putting together trading card games using NFTs, so as they start to be rolled out, it’s likely that popularity will grow.

What makes this trend more possible is that it will appeal to people outside of the usual NFT crowd. People who enjoy playing trading card games might be lured in with a truly innovative way to do it on the internet. As with all predictions, there is no guarantee about what will happen, but the interest in these games at the moment means that it’s likely they could become the next big thing. What’s also impressive is that they can cover a number of different areas. There could be soccer, football, baseball, video games, or pretty much anything that you can think of.

New social media

The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk caused a bit of an outcry in the world. While it’s unlikely that Twitter will fall by the wayside and become a desolate wasteland like Myspace, it doesn’t mean that a new social media won’t emerge as a backlash. It’s happened lots of times in the past. Twitter itself was a reaction to Facebook, which was a reaction to Myspace. Then you have Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, the list is almost endless. The reason for this is probably one that a lot of people don’t really think about.

It’s because older people adopt social media. So, as more older people start to migrate to new forms of social media, the younger people who wanted their own space search for something new. It means that there’s a good chance that younger people who are coming of age will want something else to put their stamp on. This makes it very likely that a new form of social media will become a trend going into
2023 and beyond.

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