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The story of Roberto Boligan

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June 13, 2022
The story of Roberto Boligan

Roberto Boligan: The Story of Believe And Faith Turning The Wheels Of Life: This is what the tech-savvy professional, software developer, entrepreneur, and social media influencer, Roberto Boligan believes in.


Introduction of Roberto Boligan

Born in the year 1984, in Miami, Florida. Roberto Boligan goes by the name “Berto” as this is what his close friends love to call him. His nickname Berto has quite grown on him.

He started his life-changing journey just like everyone else; with willingness, dedication and passion. But the things that really helped change his life were his strong belief and faith. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth or came from a privileged family. Started his career from ground one and built his way on top. Berto faced many life’s challenges head-ons while remaining devoted to his goals. He says,

“There is really nothing special to me, I’m just a normal guy like many others. But yeah I’m also living proof that the same “normal guy” can come out on top”. No matter where you stand in your life right now, believe me, YOU CAN MAKE IT! Have faith in God and yourself. Never stop working towards your dream no matter how small the step is every day.”


His Story And Struggles Along The Way


Raised by a single mother. In his early life, he struggled financially and didn’t have much. He lived an ordinary life like an ordinary person that no one expected anything. As he grew up, he got tired of living a mediocre life. He decided to push his limit and do everything possible to completely change his lifestyle. Luckily, after some time, he did something that others would say is ‘extraordinary’.

Today, he is a successful entrepreneur at heart and owns multiple software companies, including a proprietary software company that solves customers’ issues regarding their mortgages. Roberto Boligan is a living example that if you believe you could, you can make anything possible. All you have to do is to have faith in yourself.


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